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ऋषि भृंगि और अर्धनारीश्वर महादेव

Share on WhatsAppभगवान् शिव के उपासक ऋषि भृंगि शिव की परिकर्मा करना चाहते थे , लेकिन देवी पार्वती को ये पसंद नहीं था| भृंगि  ऋषि की शिव परिक्रमा को बाधित करने के लिए पार्वती शिव की गोद में विराजमान हो…Read More

Things In Your Home Are Causing You Loss Of Money

Things In Your Home Are Causing You Loss Of Money

Share on WhatsAppThe belongings you keep at your home directly or in other way influence your life. Now and then some things we purchase and place inside our home may make unhappy goddess Lakshmi and in the end cause us…Read More

holy cow

Worship of Cows and Nature in Hinduism

Share on WhatsAppIn Hinduism, all creations of God are sacred, because they are a spirit of the Almighty. Like of container of clay is clay itself just, everything on the planet is regarded as God. All creations of God like…Read More

flowers offered to gods

Which flowers should be offered to gods and goddesses

Share on WhatsAppGods and goddesses are heavenly divine powers and since they dwell in the astral world, these celestial bodies have the air component dominating in them. Accordingly, they have a sharp feeling of smell as, by their especially nature,…Read More

Lord Ganesha Images

What is reason to worship lord Ganesha first

Share on WhatsAppGanesha means the ruler of ganas or deities earthly. He is known as Vighneswara or the dispeller of most obstables also. Ganesha is undoubtedly the lord of the planet earth, just like Vishnu is the lord of Vaikunth,…Read More

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