Miracles Performed by Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ is the human incarnation of God-called as the Messiah, Son of God and the King of Jews. Starting from when he was around thirty years, he began his Public Ministry, preaching and teaching and most amazingly, performing many awe-inspiring miracles.

Here are some of his most famous miracles:

Wedding at Cana

The day after his baptism in the hands of John the Baptist, Jesus chose his band of special disciples to be called as the Apostles. On the third day, he performed the first miracle in his public ministry-at a Wedding in Cana.

Jesus and his mother Mary, as well as the Apostles, were all guests at the wedding. But it so happened that the wine meant for the wedding celebrations ran out. Now, Mary requested her son to do something. Jesus ordered the servants of the house to take him to the six big jars of water stored in the house, and he performed his first miracle by turning this water into wine, more than enough for the wedding feast. In this way, Jesus revealed his glory and his disciples believed him in very much.

Cure of the Sick and Infirm

While Jesus set out to proclaim his message of love and repentance, he performed many miracles to help cure many men and women of disease and disability.

One of the earliest miracles was healing of a man with a withered hand. This was followed by the cure of the servant of a centurion. He also began his amazing power of raising the dead to life by restoring to life, the son of a widow at Nain.

He exorcised some men who were possessed, the most famous being the Gerasene demoniac. In the story of this demoniac, Jesus drew out the evil spirits inside that man and sent them down to enter a herd of pigs, nearby. The pigs raced down the cliff into the lake and drowned to death.

There is also the story of a woman, who had been suffering from a haemorrhage for 12 years. She touched the cloak of Jesus with great faith and was healed instantly. He rose back to life the daughter of Jairus, the President of the Synagogue from her death bed. He healed ten victims of a virulent skin disease, restored sight to many men (blind man of Jericho), made the deaf hear and raised the dead to life (Lazarus).

Miracle of the Loaves:

Jesus was followed everywhere by huge crowds. In spite of being tired, he took pity on them and continued to heal the sick and infirm.

One evening, his disciples came to him and said that the crowds following are likely to be hungry, but there was very less food with them – only five loaves of bread and two pieces of fish. Jesus made the crowd sit down on the grass, took the loaves of bread and fish in his hands and blessed them. He broke the loaves and his disciples distributed them to the five thousand strong crowd. Amazingly, there was enough for everyone and still 12 baskets were remaining.

Walking on the Sea

One evening Jesus escaped from the crowds and went to a quite place to pray. His disciples had set off behind him in a boat.  Suddenly he appeared before them, walking on water in the sea. At first, they were terrified but grew calm and astounded by the ways of their master.

The Calming of the Storm

In another boat incident, Jesus and his disciples were out in the sea on a boat one evening. Suddenly a storm came, and a fierce gale tossed the boat up and down. But Jesus was asleep on a cushion near the stern and seemed totally unaware of the danger to the boat. The frantic apostles woke him up and begged him to save them. Now, Jesus turned to the sea and said, “Quiet now! Be calm!” At this, the wind dropped, and there was a great calm. The disciples were overwhelmed by this event and wondered how even the wind and the sea obey their master.

These are some of the most famous miracles performed by Lord Jesus in his lifetime.