Swastika Symbol of good luck

Swastika Symbol of good luck

In the old Indian terminology of Sanskrit, swastika means “well-being”. The symbol has been used by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains for millennia and is commonly assumed to be an Indian indication.

It has also recommended a symbol of good luck, prosperity and everything auspicious for other ancient ethnicities, like the Vikings and Greeks, besides Hindus, Jains and buddhists. According to astrologer, the right-handed Swastika brings prosperity, offers a shield resistant to the four elements and signifies the four dharmas. The left-handed anti-clockwise Swastika is destructive.

Early European tourists to Asia were encouraged by its historic and positive organizations and began deploying it back home. By the start of the 20th Century there was a huge fad for the swastika as a benign all the best symbol.

By definition, the swastika is a primitive mark or ornament in the form of a cross. As the illustration below shows, the arms of the cross are of equal length with a section of each arm projecting at right angles from the end of each arm, all in the same direction and clockwise usually.

A religious icon for Hindus, the Swastika was initially talked about in the Vedas. It symbolizes many things — chance, Surya (the sun) and Brahma, the originator. It really is seen as a ability symbol which is also the emblem of Ganesha, the god of all the best. In both Hinduism and Jainism, the Swastika is used to mark the opening webpages of account books, thresholds and doors.

Regardless of the rapid urbanization and impact of modern architectural patterns, people based in the industrial hubs are keen on including some good luck charm in their home décor. The contemporary home décor themes often showcase items that signify good fortune. One of these items that solely bring in positive vibes in your abode is the ‘Swastikasymbol.

Tracing down to the ancient times, this symbol has found its use in several religions across the globe. Though considered as an Indian symbolization of well-being, this Swastika symbol has been in use by the Western cultures as well only with different applications. Going into a little detail of this equilateral cross, the four legs of the symbol, bent at perfect right angles, signify the four dharmas and the four basic elements. Bring in positivity to your home with this fortune symbol incorporated in various decorative items.

On the interior decoration front, there is a lot more on this auspicious symbol that the décor artists have come up with. You will find wooden shelves carved out in the shape of this symbol. Also, the shelves that seem to be edgeless, the cast of wrought iron boast off this symbol with its shape. There are wooden centre tables carved out in this shape, supported by a couple of wooden stands and a sheet of glass atop, available at various customized furniture shops as well.

As far as gifts are considered, this Swastika symbol has widespread application in that as well. From pen stands, curtain holders to coffee mugs and sippers, it has been used a single statement-making pattern. On the festive occasions, when all your relatives come aboard, a little something boasting this fortune symbol can be a perfect gift. So, this festive season welcome and spread prosperity and good fortune with lovely collectibles exhibiting the Swastika symbol in various sizes.