All the facts related to deities in Hindu religion are very interesting. If you do not know much about Hindu religion then you probably can not understand. But if you have a little interest, then once you know about the gods and goddesses. The stories related to them, their appearance, how they looked, how they used to catch weapons and which vehicle they ride are also very interesting. Download beautiful god wallpaper, goddess wallpaper, Maa Durga wallpaper for desktop and mobile screen

Maa Durga Wallpaper

Maa Skand

Skanda Mata

The auspicious occasion of Goddess Durga Puja lasts for nine days where all the nine forms of Goddess Durga known as Nava Durga are being worshipped.These nine days of Puja is collectively known as Na...

Mata Lakshmi

Laxmi Mata

Laxmi Mata or Mahalakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity, good luck, love and beauty, the lotus flower and fertility. She is the consort of Lord Vishnu. When Lord Vishnu incarnated ...

maa ganga photo

Maa Ganga

According to the mythology of Hinduism, river Ganga is considered to be sacred and is as Hindu Maa Ganga. It is a strong belief by the Hindus that having a bath in this holy river will cause remission...