About Us

Founder’s Desk

The website was started in 2014 with a few pictures as it was my hobby to design wallpapers, mostly the religious ones. That’s why the name of the website is “Maadurgawallpaper.com”.

Now, I feel glad that we have more than 3000 wallpapers of religious nature. Most of the images are taken from different sources and we modify these images for our website. We also provide additional features like “Framing”; you can easily add frames to the images if you like. You can simply download the wallpaper and also share with your friends and others.

You can download these wallpaper for your desktop and mobile phones as well.

About Us

Whether you love switching out lovely desktop wallpaper or you just want something new every day over your windows screen, our website will never disappoint you with something unique to dress up your desktop. We have an enormous library of attractive wallpapers for your desktop and mobiles.

Maadurgawallpaper.com is a place where you can get amazing wallpaper of various designs and you can quickly download and share with others as well. These wallpapers can be used on any desktop/laptop that you use. Our website includes high-resolution wallpapers that look great on Retina displays and are of perfect size. You can see an array of designs of wallpapers.

You can have access to thousands of wallpapers which includes normal, widescreen, HD, tablet, and mobile wallpapers a s well. There are lots of categories from which you can choose according to your preferences. And if you want to receive the wallpaper I your e-mail you can also sign up for the newsletter.

Maadurgawallpaper.com makes the list of best wallpapers which are of high-quality. With a huge collection of wallpapers and easy-to-navigate site, you can easily find the type of wallpaper you are looking for.

The websites has photos, illustrations, abstract, digital art and many other types of wallpaper to choose from. And if you do not like the fancy ones, there are simple and sober wallpapers as well for your desktop. These simple wallpapers also look great with great graphics and designing,

The wallpapers are selected from various sources and edited by our experts.

So, go get going and search for the best wallpaper on the website!

And, we hope we inspired you to change your wallpaper!