Amethyst good luck stone


The Amethyst gemstone is associated with good thoughts and deeds. People wear it to remain pure and self-conscious. It is the birthstone for people born in February. The sun sign connected to this stone is Pisces (19 February – 21 March). It is the gemstone for the 6th and 17th anniversary. The best day to wear the stone is Wednesday.

Helps to quieten the mind

This gemstone keeps a person content and calm. By wearing the stone, one can get rid of negative thoughts and develop positive thoughts. Being a spiritual stone, many bishops in the Christian Church wear this stone. Even lay people who want to increase their spirituality wear this stone. These people search inner peace and continue to wear the stone even after they find inner peace.

Amethyst continues to be popular among the people of the world. The reason is that it brings peace and tranquillity and that is what everyone wants. In addition, it is protective by nature and keeps the evil forces away.

Protects against intoxication and foolish love

The word “amethustos” means ‘not drunken’ in Greek.

Changes brightness when food is poisoned

This is another superstition connected with the amethyst gemstone.

Encourages calm behaviour

The stone has a natural soothing effect on the brain. Therefore, the person who wears the stone will become calm.

Protects against violence and nightmares

It rids the person of negative energies and thoughts. This way, it helps the person avoid any mishaps and nightmares.

Enhances sincerity

When you wear the stone, your contentment increases and this makes you sincerer than ever.

Cures neuralgia and headaches

Bringing positive energy with it, the amethyst removes all sorts of nerve problems. You can use it to cure toothaches and gout. It helps alleviate neuralgia and the common headache.

Protection from the elements

You remain protected from storms and plagues if you wear the stone. It also protects you from hail and thieves. You will also remain protected from infidelity.

Metaphysical properties of amethyst

The attributes of the warrior especially courage shine through when one wears the amethyst gemstone. Aside from strengthening contentment and spirituality, the stone helps one to control anger, impatience, resentment, and fear. You should use the amethyst stone in conjunction with the Third Eye or the psychic eye of one’s body. It raises the awareness and helps make the mind clear before meditation.

Enhance friendship bonds

The gemstone fosters good understanding among friends by suppressing bad thoughts. In the ancient times, people drank wine out of cups that were studded with amethyst so that they could drink more and not get intoxicated.

Cures addictions

The wearer of the stone will not make any unwanted actions. This helps addicts stop their superfluous practices and become addiction-free.

Love charm

Amethyst gemstone is a love charm. It ensures security and enhances sincerity.

Sacred to the Buddha

Amethyst is a sacred stone for the Buddhist people. Therefore, they made rosaries using amethyst.

Healing ability

The right brain activity and psychic powers of the person increases by wearing amethyst stone. It energizes and purifies the blood. It strengthens the immune system. It is helpful for people with sugar imbalance in their blood.

Amethyst is a wonderful stone. It suits people who want to always remain calm and unaffected by their surroundings.