Aquamarine gemstone


The Aquamarine gemstone relates to April; it is the birthstone. Also, it is linked to the Scorpio, the sun sign. For married people, it represents the 19th year of marriage. Most of all, aquamarine gemstone is related to the sea.

Connection to the sea

Since the ancient times, it is the belief that the supremacy of the sea was bound in the gemstone, making it influential. This stone was a favourite with the mermaids. It was common for the fishermen and the sailors to carry an aquamarine gemstone to guard against shipwreck and other misfortunes at the sea.

It was a widespread practice for the sailors to throw their aquamarine stones into the sea which seemed dangerous to their boats or ship. This was to appease the storm and the storm gods. The stone is associated with Neptune the planet. People also link it to the ocean god, Neptune in Roman mythology. It remains the safeguard symbol for all who travel over water.

Mark of creativity

This stone is actively involved with creative effort. Most of the artists and the painters use this to augment their creative spirit. It helps and inspires them to create better works of art. When you need a boost on confidence you must use the aquamarine gemstone. It helps you achieve your peak performance and keeps you buoyed up for the work ahead of you. People use this when they are about to undertake an important mission to help them remain at their creative best.

Makes the person communicative

Use of the aquamarine gemstone helps him or her to develop fluency in speech. This is due to the connection of the stone with the throat chakra. It gives power to the spoken word and the wearer of the stone will become very influential through his speeches.

Seal the marriage

The aquamarine stone helps to bind the partners to each other. People who are married will find great happiness through the aquamarine stone. It was believed in ancient Rome that the stone enhanced the love one had for the other. Since it helped people overcome procrastination, the lazy people become more energetic. This helps make life more enjoyable.

Dreams involving aquamarine gemstone

If you have dreams involving aquamarine, it means good things will happen to you especially through your friends. This is a good sign and when you have the dreams, you must go and meet your friends since they will show the way to good fortune.

Many varieties of the beryl stone

Aquamarine is one of the stones in the beryl gemstone family. Depending on the colour, they go by different names. We call the beryl stone without colour as goshenite. If it has pink then it is called morganite. The blue or the blue-green beryl stone is aquamarine gemstone. The green beryl is the emerald. They call the golden beryl as heliodor. Brazil is famous for its rich deposits of beryl.

Depending on the use, the aquamarine stone has a different symbolism. Use of gemstones augments the lifestyle of the person. Wear aquamarine to get good luck in your life.