Bees symbol of good luck


Bees represent a host of virtues including live, society, relentless effort, and victory over the impossible. They have been symbols of good fortune since the ancient times.

Symbolism of the bee

In many cultures, they are considered as the messengers that carry the news to the others in the insect world. They are the symbol of live, virginity, and fidelity. Bees represents wisdom and immortality. It was believed that the bees had knowledge of secret matters and could predict the future.

Superstitions concerning the bee

Depending on where the bee flies or lands, it could be a sign of good luck for you. For instance, if the bee flies into your house, it is said that luck will soon follow it into your house. If the bees land on your head, you will surely be blessed. If the bee lands on your hand, do not disturb it. The sign is that of money finding its way to your hand. You must not frighten the bee or force it out of your house. If you do this, the luck will definitely vanish. Better way is to leave a window open so the bee can fly out after showering you with good riches.

Share the news with the bees

You must never quarrel in the presence of bees. This may bring you bad luck. Also, when bees are present, you should not use bad language as this could spell misfortune for you. You must not cause the bees to leave the hive as this will surely bring bad luck to you. Of course, the bees will sting you first.

It is tradition to share the news about the celebrations and ceremonies, births and death with the bees as this will bring prosperity. In keeping with this tradition, the spiritual bond of the bees with the beekeeper is special. When the beekeeper dies, one should inform the bees about the news and also inform them who the new beekeeper is.

Symbol of wealth

Bees bring prosperity and good luck. People wore amulets in the form of bees to attract wealth. You can use coins with the bee symbol to attract wealth. If the coin was made of gold, it had more effect. Businessmen used the coins and symbols with the bee symbol to get more luck in their business.

Icons of industry and society

The sheer demanding work of the bees (they carry 300 times their weight of honey) is an outstanding sign of determination and contribution to the community. In fact, bees do not have the aerodynamics in their body structure to fly, and yet they do. It tells us that there is always a way to do something, even if it is tough.

The produce beeswax and honey, both of which are golden in colour. Gold has for long been associated with wealth and prosperity. In ancient Egypt, bees were considered as the tears of the Sun god Ra. It was the giver of life, death, and resurrection. And, in ancient Greece, they were associated to the nymphs. The places where the bees take residence such as the hollow tree trunks and caves were considered the places where the nymphs lived.