Birla Mandir

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Birla Mandir (Birla Temple) alludes to diverse Hindu temple or Mandirs manufactured by the Birla family, in distinctive urban areas. All these temple are greatly inherent white marble.

The Birla Temple is the prevalent name for the Laxmi Narayan Temple in Delhi. It was manufactured by BD Birla. One of the significant vacation spots in the city the Birla Temple holds enormous chronicled hugeness. Devoted to Laxmi (goddess of riches) and Shiv (the preserver) this temple is frequented by visitor and locals as the year progressed. The sanctuary was introduced by Mahatma Gandhi with the conviction that it ought to be interested in all positions and all beliefs which incorporated the untouchables. A temple that invites everybody with open arms the Birla Temple in Delhi has been humankind since times immemorial.

Birla MandirFound in Mandir Marg in Connaught Place this sanctuary was one of the first religious landmarks manufactured by the Birla crew. Constructed over a time of 6 years this temple was development between1933 to 1939. The Geeta Bhavan in the Birla Temple has delightful sketches portraying occasions from Indian mythology.

There is a temple inside the complex lodging Lord Buddha. The entire complex, particularly the dividers and the upper exhibition are beautified with canvases done by craftsmen from Jaipur. These are exceptional and they reflect the rich social legacy of the Rajasthani Paintings. The foundation of the temple has been composed as a rocky scene with wellsprings and in addition waterfalls. This unquestionably improves the tasteful excellence of the complex itself.

Birla TempleInherent genuine Orissan style of construction modeling the temple is portrayed with tall bended towers topped by vast amalakas (roundabout ribbed theme at the summit of a temple tower). Developed altogether of red sandstone and white marble the tall structure is encompassed by enclosures and wellsprings. A synchronized mix of figures, icons, towers and jalis, this temple is viewed as an alternate compositional wonder in the capital city.

Birla Temple is one of the best sights in New Delhi. It was developed in the twentieth century by the Birlas, a family known for their sanctuaries in India. It is contemporary in thought and development. It draws a few fans and remote visitors.

The Birla Temple is a point of interest in the historical backdrop of cutting edge Indian building design. One must not miss this site while on a tour to Delhi.

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