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Buddha Photos, pictures, images & HD quality wallpaper download free to adorn your computer, mobile, tablet and laptop screen. We are working to design vibrant spiritual wallpaper of Lord Gautam Buddha. You can easily set wallpaper at your system background by right click on photo and select set as background option. All Lord Gautam Buddha wallpaper are freely available for download.

Bamboo Buddha idol picture

Bamboo Buddha idol picture.

Full Name – Siddhartha Gautam
Birth – 563 BC (estimated)
Birthplace – Lumbini (Nepal)
Father – King Sudhodhan
Mother Rani Mahamaya (Mahadevi)
Education – Gautam Buddha studied the Vedas and Upanishads, Rajkaz and warfare from Guru Vishwamitra, Alara, Kalam, Uddaka Ramaput.
Marriage – with Yashodhara
Main Disciples – The main disciples were Anand, Aniruddha, Mahakshyap, Rani Khema (women), Mahaprajapati (women), Bhadrika, Bhrigu, Kimbal, Devadatta, Upali etc.

Lord Budha beautiful temple in Nepal

Lord Buddha beautiful temple in Nepal. Buddha beautiful photo gallery free download to grace mobile screen and send festival greetings.

Main Propagator: Angulimal, Milind (Greek Emperor), Emperor Ashok, Hain Tsang, Fa Shayen, E Jing, Hey Choo, Bodhisattva etc.

Guru Vishwamitra: Siddhartha studied Vedas and Upanishads with Guru Vishwamitra, also learnt Rajkaz and war-skills. No one could compete in wrestling, horse racing, arrows, and chariot.

Lord Buddha beautiful metal statue

Lord Buddha beautiful metal statue. A swastika symbol is engraved on chest.

Guru Alaara Kalam and Udika Ramaputt: In search of knowledge, Siddhartha wandering here ther reached to Alaara Kalam and Ramakutt. He learned yoga and meditation from them. Even after doing yoga for several months, when there was no gain of knowledge, he reached Uruwela and there performed a fierce penance. Six years passed by performing penance. Sidharth’s penance was not successful. Then one day some women returned from a city and passed away from there, where Siddhartha was doing penance. One of their song fell in the ears of Siddhartha – “Do not loosen the string of the harp. Leaving loose will not bring their harmonious tone. But do not even stray the string so much that they break.” This thought influenced Siddhartha. He believed that Yoga is proved only by regular diet and pleasure habits. Extreme is Not good for any thing. The middle path is correct and suitable to achieve your goal. Just after that, the knowledge was received a while later.

Buddha image with beautiful glittering background

Buddha image with beautiful glittering background.

Anand: He was the brother of Buddha and Devadatta and one of the Buddha’s best disciples among 10. He had been consistently with Buddha for twenty years. He was considered to be the most popular disciple of the guru. Anand received enlightenment after Buddha’s Nirvana. He was famous for his sharp memory.

Lord Buddha marble statue beautiful picture sitting in meditation stance.

Lord Buddha marble statue beautiful picture sitting in meditation stance.

Gautama Buddha meditation stance designed with beautiful night theme background photo

Gautama Buddha meditation stance designed with beautiful night theme background photo.

Gautam Buddha metal statue sitting in meditation stance

Gautama Buddha metal statue sitting in meditation stance.

Lord Buddha photo hd gallery

Lord Buddha photo HD gallery

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