God wallpaper

God wallpaper free download for festival greeting and mobile phone. We designs high resolution full size HD god wallpaper and god photos with spiritual elements like holy Kalash, different flowers, deepak stand, designer lighting diya, artistic chowki and attractive landscape nature background scenery.

India is the mother place of four main religions. Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Budhism are primary religion which emerge in Indian subcontinent. The influence of Hindu religion has been significant all over the world. Many Hindu region based organisation like Hare Krishna movement, the Brahma kumaris, The Art of Living Foundation and the Ananda Marga have been spread out their belief, spiritual thoughts and practice all over world. Today World’s around 90% Hindus are living in India.

The idols and God images were made by three types of people – the one who knew the architectural and astronomical sciences, then they built temples of stars and constellations. There were seven temples around this world. Secondly, those who used to make idols in memory of their ancestors after died.
God wallpaper are mostly used to hang on wall after framed. It is also used to print on many items to give spiritual look like clock, kitchen tiles for good luck. Indian god pictures are additionally thought to be fortunate when put in the room of pregnant ladies.
Indian god photos are used at every work place for routine worship. Most of people install lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi photo for prosperity and success.
God wallpaper and god photos plays very important role when some one plan to decorate home, temple and work place. Different god photos are used at work place and home according to nature of business and devotion. All god stock images are free to download.