Maa Durga Wallpaper

Maa Durga wallpaper full size Durga images for festival greetings designed with beautiful spiritual element like colorful flowers, holy Kalash and lighting diya, diya stand, floral border. There are different kind of Goddess Durga images & wallpaper collection decorated with beautiful background scenery to grace mobile phone, desktop and festival greeting.

Goddess Durga the mahashakti is the prominent form of the Goddess, also known with other name Devi and Shakti in hindu religion. Goddess Durga is worshiped in all states of India and many other countries also. During the navratri festival people worship all the nine form of Durga for nine days.

There are many forms of Goddess Durga like Savitri, Lakshmi and Parvati. The main form of goddess is “gauri”, that is, the tranquil, beautiful and blonde form. Her most terrible form is goddess Kali, that is to say black form. In various forms Durga is worshiped in many temples and shrines of India and Nepal. Some of the Durga temples also offer animal sacrifices. Bhagwati Durga rides on the lion.

During Navratri first day goddess Durga is worshiped as Shailputri. By worshiping the goddess Shailputri daughter of the Himalaya, the Muladhara Chakra becomes awakened and the followers receive all kinds of Siddhis automatically.

In the second Navaratri, the Brahmacharini form of the mother is worshiped. Those devotees who worship this form of the goddess receive the religious austerity, renunciation, mortification, restraint and virtue. They fulfill the aim of what they have resolved in life.

Durga is the most popular form of goddess Shakti. This story is given in the devi Bhagwat. She is the goddess of both love and strength. Her face is like a bride, but she has taken arms in his own hands. She is symbols of love as a bride, she is power as a warrior. As a bride, she fulfill their desires, while in the form of a warrior they control fate. Protects us with her weapons, keep us safe, feed us. In this way, goddess Durga is the embodiment of both love and strength and takes care of us. This is the reason devotee call her mother.

Nine forms of Adishakti Durga are worshiped in nine days of Navratri. These nine forms of goddess are also known as Navdurga. In these nine days, drinking and meat consume are considered forbidden. In these nine days special attention is given for holiness and purity. All the kind of meditations and good deeds done in these nine days, staying in holy and fast, are fulfilled. Unholiness becomes reason of disease and mourning. According to nine holy nights, the nine forms of goddess described in the Puranas.

Goddess Durga photo portrayed with lion, trident, sword, shell(shankh) and lotus in hand. Lion is a symbol of man's will and power. Weapons are symbols of tools through which man tries to win half the fear. With trident she destroys the wicked or demons.