Sai Baba Wallpaper

Download Sai Baba wallpaper, beautiful Sai Baba Photos, full size picture and shirdi Sai Baba images from our amazing Sai Baba wallpapers gallery. All Sai Baba Wallpaper are freely available for download to make your mobile, desktop computer, tablet and laptop background screen spiritual and religious. Shirdi Sai Baba was famous spiritual guru like Sant Kabir.

Sai Baba was a saint who was above the religion, and almost everybody has bowed down in front of him. He was and still loved evenly by Hindus and Muslims.
Sai Baba was not a God but people nowadays worship him and consider him one. Also, he is more seen as the spiritual master. He always loved his saintly attire and lived his life in misery. What he always prayed is for the happiness of people, who no matter believed him or not.
In fact, he is so loved by Hindus and Muslims that it is difficult to tell whether which religion this saint of good beliefs, love without bias and charity hails from. The interesting fact about Sai Baba is though he was a divine soul and popular saint, yet he always lived his life like a Fakir.
With his famous saying, “Sabka Malik Ek Hai!” he has bought nearness in Hindu and Islamic religions. His photos can easily be spotted in both mosques and temples.
What was his family background?
His family background and existence have always been a topic of chaos because people hardly know about his birthplace and family. He got his family in Shirdi, once he arrived there. Before that, where he stayed and lived his childhood and adulthood, nobody knows.
Sai Baba: Arrival in Shirdi
His arrival in Shirdi was nothing less that magical as he was a boy at that time when he took shelter in a Mosque of Shirdi, Maharashtra. There was a kind of sparkle in the eyes of this boy, and whoever saw him found utter peace and solace.
When he took shelter at the mosque, he had never spoken a single word to villagers and spent his days like that only. However, they were the villagers of Shirdi, who spoke to him and gave him food and clothes. And their amazement and respect grew for this boy because the food that people had given him to eat, he had always shared with needy, like animals, hungry villagers, etc.
And, hence in no time, with his supreme love, empathy, and problem-solving nature, he became everyone’s Sai Baba. Since his stories became popular and widespread, people even from other cities came to see him and take his blessings.
A saint capable of being called as God
It is believed that Sai Baba had some magical powers and power of healing others’ pain. In fact, this was his only power that people from stranded world even loved and prayed him and the journey is still continuing.
His powers and miracles are so deemed that people have their version of stories how Sai Baba came in his or her dream and guided.
One of the Known miracles
This miracle is not from India but from Sri Lanka where a Sri Lankan Christian found a statue of Sai Baba while digging the land. The statue was 2 feet tall and was recognized as the Sai Baba in his sitting posture. Also, as soon as the statue had dug out, water started coming out of the land and then a small pond got built there. Still, there is a wooden pallet on which the statue rests and floats.