Clothing Superstitions for Good Luck


Wearing clothes of a specific design or colour brings luck to some people. The reasons are bound in tradition and folklore, but the fact remains that wearing some clothes make your day brighter. Here is a look at some of the good luck traditions associated with clothes.

Odd number of buttons

This is a special superstition that says wearing clothes with odd number of buttons on them bring good luck. This is the reason you see many ladies with a single button on the front of their dress. If your clothes have even number of buttons, you must sew one on the inside or under the lapel so that the number of buttons remain an odd number.

An off-shoot of this superstition is the giving and receiving of buttons. When you give and receive buttons from someone, you will have a long, strong friendship with them. Another is that if you find a button it will bring you luck. You must keep the button in your pocket for at least one day.

Since collecting buttons is lucky, many people collect jars full of buttons. It is an interesting hobby.

Clothes for dreamers

Most people are dreamers but a few buy clothes that remind them of their dreams and goals. It is not unusual to see a patch on the clothes that has money or a house on it. Most of the lucky people have serious sentiments about their clothes. Maybe that is why they are lucky.

Polka dots for women

Women and polka dots have been linked since the early days. The significance of polka dots is that it attracts wealth – polka dots are like the coins flowing into the life. This makes women buy at least one dress with polka dots.

Men, of course, cannot wear polka since it is intrinsically a woman’s style. But, they can add polka dots on their tie and on the handkerchief. It gives luck a better chance of coming into your life.

When your clothes are worn inside out

There are two ways of looking at this aspect of clothing superstition. One group says that you are lucky and that something good will happen to you. So, if someone points out that you have worn your clothes inside out, you smile at them and carry on your way.

The other group believes that this is an omen of something bad. But, there are instances when one has gone through the entire day wearing their clothes inside out and nothing has happened.

Coin in the pocket

When you wear something for the first time, you should put one coin in the pocket. You must never spend that coin. Having a lucky coin is auspicious.

Wear a belt

A belt keeps one safe from sorcerers. This is because it goes around the body and thus prevents the evil spirits from entering. When you are through with a belt and want to discard it, do so in a place where a witch can never get it. However, this superstition is not very popular today.

Clothing superstitions have changed the way people think about fashion. Their personal lifestyle too changes and some have been lucky, others not so much so.