Diamond symbol of purity & Truth


Man has always had a fascination for gemstones and diamonds take the pride of place among them all. More than having great monetary value, the diamond has special significance due to its astrological importance. It has been linked to the history of mankind historically.

Origin of the name

The April birthstone is the diamond. It also represents the 60th anniversary, which we call the Diamond Jubilee. The origin of the word diamond is from the Greek word adamas meaning unbreakable or unconquerable.

  • The strength of the diamond is representative of truth and purity. They also have a universal significance in sovereignty.
  • People use the diamond to show faithfulness. It is universally accepted as the sign of marriage, love, and sincerity. You find it used extensively on engagement rings.
  • Diamonds increase the self-esteem of the wearer. Thus, it adds to the personality of the person. When you wear a precious stone, you definitely feel good.
  • If you get a dream about a diamond, then it signifies victory over your enemies. Right from the olden times, they wore the diamond on the left side of the body to ensure victory. It did not matter how strong the enemies were.

Diamonds for women

However, the tradition of women wearing diamonds started only recently. In the Middle Ages, it was common for the men to wear diamonds. The women did not wear diamonds. During those times, diamond was symbolic of bravery and invincibility.

King Louis IV of France made this a royal decree and forbid all women in the land from wearing diamonds. King Louis IV was the only king to be canonised and he was known as Saint Louis. He was among the many patron saints of France. His argument was that only the Virgin Mary was worthy enough to wear a diamond. It took two hundred years before women could wear diamond jewellery.

Protection in the night

Diamonds have the power to destroy all the evil forces of the night it was believed. You got protection from ghosts, wild animals, and sorcerers. This sentiment has been around since the time of Pliny of ancient Rome who used them to drive away evil spirits and prevent nightmares. Pliny also claimed that this universal talisman protected people from disease. The only downside of this was that not many people owned a diamond.

Protection against evil spirits

Saint Hildegard of Bingen claimed that the worst enemy the devil had was the diamond. This was because it resisted all evil powers round the clock. It was her belief that if one made the sign of the cross while holding a diamond in the other hand, it would increase the power of the stone and bring benefit. At that time, it was believed that the diamond could cure insane persons.

Since the diamond is costly, you should test it before you buy it to make sure that the diamond is genuine. One of the easiest way is to blow on it. The breath will immediately clear from the top of the diamond since it is an efficient conductor of heat. However, this is not a conclusive test and one must do more tests.