Diwali Gifting Ideas

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There is absolutely no introduction needed for how rich India is in terms of its festivals and beliefs. There are so many things to celebrate out here that the list is endless. However festivals mark a belief of belonging and bringing people closer. That is the main idea for celebrating occasions in India to bring people together and in grow the humanity through various deeds of kindness. Diwali is one such festival that has different charm altogether. It is celebrated even by non-Hindus across Asia and also has its relevance spread abroad by the Indians settled there.

Diwali or ‘Deepavali’ is rightly termed as the festival of lights, because people decorate the house by putting up lanterns and small clay based ‘diyas’ referred to as small candles or lamps. There is different feel when Diwali is around everything is lit up and looks so beautiful. Fire crackers are an important way of celebrating Diwali which is very popular among kids and elders too. And the variety you get now days in fire crackers is huge and there is something new coming out every other year. It is a festival celebrated with your family and dear ones and is spread across three to four days precisely. There is a lot of excitement since people get a chance to go for shopping and buy gifts for their loved ones.

Exchanging gifts is one aspect of celebrating Diwali and is very common in many houses. There has been significantly increasing in gifting ideas during Diwali as well and the collection just keep increasing every year giving people more options to buy them. Generally these ones are auspicious Diwali centric but people blend in their own variations as well. To start with sweets and chocolates are the most common based items and are still very popular gifting idea as well. With this there assortments of various types of food packs such as biscuits, cookies, chips, etc that are another great idea as these come handy in the regular course of the day. The next are the designed sets of ‘diyas’ and ‘puja thaalis’ which are more traditional based and can also act fancy decor items for the house when not used.

Apart from these mentioned there are quite few varieties of ideas available such as glassware sets and other crockery items. Some people even give items made out of gold and silver as well as it is considered an auspicious to buy and give gold. These items are more family centric and like always kids need something special. So you can give them toys or clothes which can be used by them and creates and excitement for them. Now-a-days there is popular concept of giving shopping vouchers as well of various denominations where the person who is gifted can purchase things of his own choice whenever she or he needs it. And if nothing else works out giving cash is always a way out and less time consuming too.

So Diwali around the corner and it is a beautiful time to make your dear ones happy by buying them auspicious Diwali gifts.

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