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Diwali Images, Happy Diwali images, Diwali wallpaper, Diwali pics & wallpaper download from amazing Diwali wallpaper gallery to decorate and grace your computer screen. Diwali is famous Hindu festival celebrated around the world. On Diwali festival people clean and decorate home with lighting and worship goddess Lakshmi.
Diwali Images
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On Diwali day people wear new dresses, decorate home with lights, design rangoli with colors, lit diyas and pujas offered to goddess Lakshmi, Ganesha, Saraswati and lord Kuber at evening according to best time.

Popular dishes in Diwali Celebrations

Every religion celebrates Diwali in own traditional way. They decorate their house, enlighten their house with candles, divas and colourful lights and prepare different types of sweets and food items. Food is always being an important part of any festival. On every festival, people prepare and serve their traditional dishes in front of any guest. People cannot escape themselves for a long time from eating these yummy dishes. Markets are flooded with sweets and street food.

During the festival season, people preferred to prepare sweets at home. Some of the common sweets are Moong dal halwa, Shrikhand, Rassogolla, Cashew Barfi, Suji or Besan laddoo, Gajar ka halwa, Jalebi, Kheer and many more. Other than sweets, there are some common dishes people prepare during the Diwali festival like Puri or Kachori stuffed with different types of vegetables, Dahi bhalle, Shahi Paneer, Matthi, Aaloo tikki, etc. All the sweets or vegetables are prepared in desi ghee. They make use of dry fruits in almost every dish.

Famous and delicious Diwali food

  • Coconut Diyas: On this day, a unique sweet made up of coconut in the shape of diya is prepared with a filling of khoya inside.
  • Jalebi: Jalebi is very common during this festival as people exchange jalebi with their friends and relatives in the form of gift.
  • Mathi: Mathi is made up of flour. It comes in various flavours and shape. It can be available in both forms sweet or salty. It comes in spiral form known as chakri and crescent moon shape known as ghughra especially prepared for Diwali.
  • Kheer or Phirni: Kheer is all time favourite and is prepared at home in any festival. It is made up of rice and milk with lots of dry fruits to make it more healthy and tasty.
  • Shrikhand: It is a type of pudding made up of homemade cheese mixed with variety of vegetables. It is served chilled.
  • Puri or Kachori: Puri’s are prepared for breakfast or lunch along with chana or potato curry. Some people prepare kachori for their family members and guests with a heavy stuffing or potato or different vegetables.
  • Street food: Diwali is celebrated for 5 days. Markets and streets are flooded with wide variety of food available on the street. Some of the street food items are alloo tikki, golgappas or pani puri, pav bhaji, samosa, paneer tikka, etc. People do shopping and eat these delicious snack items.
  • Kaju katli: It is another form of barfi made up of kaju. This sweet is more costly than other sweets burfi items. People buy and pack kaju katli in designer boxes and distributein the form of gift. Some people place this sweet in their puja thali and distribute in the form of Prasad.

Keeping the health issues and diet in mind, people make these sweets without sugar by using substitutes like honey or gur instead of sugar. Today, oven and non-stick pans are available in the market that requires no or less to making any food which requires lot of ghee in actual. Thus, enjoy the festival by taking care of your health.

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