Dream catchers lucky Charms


Traditionally, people have used charms, amulets, bracelets, and statues to help them overcome the hurdles of life. One of the troubles one sometimes has is nightmares. The way to stop and arrest the nightmares is using Dream Catchers. They have a unique design that stops the dreams and helps the person have a good night sleep.

Shape of the dream catcher

The dream catcher is round. Inside it threaded loops are present that link to each other to form unique diamond shapes. They end up resembling a spider’s web. People use feathers and beads with the dream catcher by hanging them under it. In the middle of the round figure, they place a bead and this represents the spider. Other people prefer to leave the centre empty and so we find a hole there. The frame is wrapped in leather so this gives a good look and helps enhance the power.

Work of the dream catcher

The Dream Catcher is placed on a wall in the bedroom. At night, when the dreams occur the Dream Catcher attracts them. They get trapped inside the web of the dream catcher. Thus, the dream catcher stops the nightmares from occurring. If the dream is good, it slides down through the feathers and reaches the person. If there are nightmares, they get trapped inside.

In the morning, the sunlight dispels the nightmares and dissolves them. The person arises fresh because they are not disturbed by the bad dreams. Dream catchers only belong inside the bedroom. One might have seen small Dream Catchers hanging inside the car. There is absolutely no use for these. The people buy them because they look nice and have no idea of what it does.

Origin of the dream Catchers

Though the Dream Catchers are used in the United States and Canada, it originated among the Ojibwe Native Americans. They designed small amulets that hang over the cradles of sleeping children to protect them from the effect of evil spirits. The peaceful atmosphere brought by the feathers helps the babies rest in peace.

The Dream Catchers made by the Ojibwe people had sinew strands and original willow wood. They used genuine leather. This began when all the mothers and grandmothers got together and decided to make a web of sinew and willow wood. This will help them visit all the children and make sure they were all safe.

The dream catcher comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can get one to take home as a souvenir or to use it to catch dreams. The feathers and beads are sacred items that help to pass the dream to the sleeping person.

New Age Movement

During the 1960-70 period, the New Age Movement began. The Native Americans adopted many of the traditions of the Ojibwe people. Due to their deep belief in the culture and tradition of the Native Americans they adopted many of the things they do and this resulted in the rapid spread of the culture. Now, many people across the world know of the Native American traditions and use them in their lives. They make their own versions of the Dream Catcher.