Egyptian ankh good luck symbol


Ankh, the Egyptian cross, is symbolic of life. The Ankh represents eternal life. It shows insight and wisdom of the highest order. People considered it a fertility symbol. There was widespread use of Ankh as an amulet in ancient Egypt.

Gift of the Ankh

Many of the drawings and paintings on the murals and relics from ancient Egypt show the gods giving a gift of the Ankh to the kings. This shows the significance of the Ankh. It symbolises the divine bestowal of life that was eternal.

One of the most popular goddesses in Egypt was Hathor. She represented a wide range of things including female sexuality and motherhood. This is natural since she was the goddess of women. There are many other things that Hathor was associated with such as protector of joy and happiness. She was linked to music and to foreign lands. Since many Egyptians worked in foreign mines, the goddess became the patron goddess of miners.

Queen Nefertari was the queen of Rameses the Great. She was very popular in ancient Egypt. She was linked to the goddess Hathor. In one painting, we see the goddess holding the Ankh up to the nose of the queen; the queen is receiving the breath of life directly from the goddess Hathor.

There were other images and paintings of the Ankh all over the kingdom. In one we see Horus passing an Ankh to a pharaoh. Horus was the sun god and the son of Isis and Osiris. He was linked to the falcon. The Eye of Horus is a commonly used good luck protection symbol.

Symbolic of fertility

The Ankh as a symbol of fertility is shows the loop as the vagina and the straight line as the penis in union with the vagina. This stands for the creation of life. It shows how man and woman are in perfect union. Through the union new life is created in a perfect fashion. The outstretched arms show the new children created by the union of the man and the woman.

This ancient symbol is an inspiration to people down the ages. It helps and reserves life and posterity. It is widely accepted due to its simplicity and directness. The meaning is clear and the continuum of life is given priority over everything else. People of other faith too recognise it for its worth. The Ankh has survived from the ancient times due to the way it delivers the message of continuity of life to everyone.

Spiritual meaning of the Ankh

For the spiritual point of view, the Ankh represents the wholeness of the soul. It is the hidden knowledge that inspires generations of people as they continue to worship their gods. The loop here stands for the continuity of the soul as man journeys through the world. It has no beginning or end but is on non-stop loop. The cross has the significance of worldly death. It represents a stop in the continuity that must happen. Thus, using the Ankh one can untangle the mysteries of life and death.

Life, prosperity, and health is a common saying in Egypt that stands for the varied interpretations of the Ankh. The Ankh remains a symbol of knowledge and life.