Emerald – the Birthstone of May


Emerald is the symbol of rebirth, love and the green colour of spring. It grants the wearer the good fortune, youth, and foresight. The origin of the word is smaragdus which in Greek means green.

Astrological significance of emerald

Emerald is a variety of beryl a mineral that grows with six sides. It is the birthstone of May and represents the 20th, 35th, and 55th year of marriage. To get the best effect from the stone, one must wear it on Thursdays. This stone forms part of the Beryl group. It is an expensive gemstone and mined extensively in Zambia and Columbia.

Sign of immortality

The value of emerald is more because it is associated with immortality. For Christians, this is a symbol of faith and it forms a part of the Papal jewels. If you have dreams of emerald, it is a good sign. You get more inspiration from wearing the gemstone. It helps augment the patience of the wearer. Business people will benefit much by using this gemstone since everything comes to those who do not give up. Patience, inspiration, and understanding is very helpful for any business.

Sign of good times

In ancient Mexico, the stone emerald was known as quetzalitzli and is associated with a sacred bird named quetzal. This is a bird with lovely green wings. It is symbolic of renewal and of spring. Since the Maya held that the bird will die in captivity, they made it a crime to kill the bird. Both the feathers and the gemstone related with the bird are very expensive. Quetzal is not only Guatemala’s National Bird but also its currency.

Association to Mayans and Aztecs

Quetzalcoatl is a feathered snake god of the east, emeralds are associated with this god. This is one of the most significant gods of Maya and Aztecs civilization. This hero god was supposedly the creator of mankind and associated with knowledge and learning.

Greek and Roman connection

In ancient Rome, the emerald was attributed to Venus. And it is well-known that Venus was the Goddess of love and beauty for the Romans just as Aphrodite was for the Greeks. The gemstone emerald was symbolic of love, grace, and beauty – all combined in one stone. The renowned Greek philosopher Aristotle said that wearing an emerald will increase the importance of a person and so businesspeople would benefit by wearing it. If a person was in a trial, then wearing the gemstone will benefit him or her.

Stone of love

In ancient Egypt, the emerald is considered the lover’s stone. They buried their loved ones with this stone to make sure they had everlasting youth in their eternal life. It helps strengthen the bond between a couple. In the Middle East, the husband would often give his wife an emerald when he went away on a business trip. This would make sure she remained faithful to him.

In Hermetic tradition, the belief is that the emerald fell from the forehead of Lucifer when God cast her it out of heaven. Mercury the messenger god is the equivalent of Hermes. The value of an emerald increases when it has a deep green colour. One finds the rarest gems have a deep green to blue colour. For this reason, heat treatment is given to emerald to increase its value.