Eye of Horus


The Eye of Horus is the All-Seeing Eye, the symbol of great god power. This powerful protection symbol comes from ancient Egypt. Another name for this was Wedjat. The sacred symbol of the Eye of Horus protects anything behind it.

Popular symbol in the Mediterranean

People wear the amulet of the Eye of Horus to get protection from the ill wishing and jealous people. You can see it on the sweaters and T-shirts of men and women. It is also present on ornaments of all kinds. It is most popular in the Mediterranean countries where people paint the Eye of Horus on to the sailboats. They do this to ensure the safe journey and return of the sailors and the boat.

Story of Osiris and Isis

We see many stories about the Eye of Horus. The most popular one is about the Osiris and Isis. Osiris and Isis were rulers of the world. Their father was Geb the god of earth and their mother was Nut goddess of the sky. They had a brother named Seth who was extremely jealous of Osiris and Isis. Seth wanted to be the ruler of the world and he hated Osiris and Isis.

Chest made to kill Osiris

With the intention of getting rid of Osiris, he ordered a beautiful chest to be made. The evil Queen of Ethiopia helped him to make this chest. The dimensions of the chest were to the exact measurements of Osiris.

Seth arranged for a grand feast and invited 72 of his best friends. He declared at the feast that whoever fit the chest, would have the chest. Of course, Osiris fit the chest exactly. As soon as Osiris was inside the chest, Seth slammed the door of the chest shut. He then threw it into the sea. Osiris was dead.

Isis sends Osiris through the underworld

Now, his sister and his wife, Isis went looking for his body. She found it and was bringing it home when Seth arrives there. He cuts the body into fourteen pieces and hides it in various parts of Egypt. Isis desperately gathers 13 parts and sends Osiris into the journey through the underworld. The penis had been eaten by a fish. So, Isis made him a new one. But, Seth was the ruler of the world.

Horus does battle

Isis had one son with Osiris, Horus. Horus grew up and decided to fight Seth. In the battle, Seth rips out one eye of Horus and tore it into six pieces and threw it away. With the help of the daughter of the sun god named Hathor, Horus has his eye restored. The moon god Toth finds the original torn eye and restores the eye completely. Horus gives the eye to Osiris and this brings him back to life.

Connection with medicine

Measurements of the Eye of Horus found use in prescribing medicine in ancient Egypt. Each part was placed in a descending order of a fraction. When added, they totalled 63/64. The right side of the eye was associated with smell, sight, and thought. The left side of the eye was associated with hearing; the curved tail was taste and the teardrop was touch. The eyebrow was thought.

You can find the Eye of Horus painted on the lid of coffins. This was to bring the dead back to life. It was a protection against evil. Some say that Rx symbol used in medicine is an abbreviated form of the Eye of Horus. Others say Rx symbol means ‘recipe’.