Foo dogs


Fu dogs or Foo dogs are also called Buddha dogs but are actually Chinese Guardian Lions. So, the Chinese will refer to them as Shi or lion. In Japanese terminology, the Foo dogs are referred to as Komainu.

Protection from negative forces

The significance of the Foo dogs is about protecting the place from negative forces. You can place them in your house or at your office. The Foo dogs will prevent anyone with malicious intent from entering your house. For instance, it could be the case of jealous people, out to bad mouth you. They want to crush your dreams and try to get benefits by their comments.

Sometimes, this is the case with people who have good intentions. They have negative worries that will set back your life and dreams. Therefore, use of the Foo dogs will ensure that negative energies are arrested. Many public places such as restaurants, bars, shops, offices, and libraries have Foo dogs at the entrance. These will keep the people with bad intention away.

Meaning of the word

The Chinese Guardian Lions are symbols of protection and power for the house dweller. They are called foo for a reason. The word Fu means blessing or prosperity in Chinese. However, some thought that the lions looked like chow chow dogs and so they began to call them Fu dogs.

Use two dogs

When you place Foo dogs you must place a pair of them. One is a male dog and the other is a female dog. This is the Yin and the Yang, the male and the female complement each other. One must take care to keep them together, never separate them and place them in different rooms.

Placement of the male and female

The male will stand on the right side of the building and the female will stand on the left side. This is the position when you stand outside and look toward the entrance. However, this is not compulsory. You can recognize the male Foo dog as the one with a paw placed on a ball. The male is Yang. He protects everything from the outside. He is the protector of the building and he represents the power and supremacy.

The female is shown as the one with a paw on the cub. She protects the inside of the home. She protects the people who reside in the home. She is the Yin and she represents compassion and support. The Guardian Lions have been in use since the times of the Han Dynasty. They were used to guard temples and important buildings. You will find them guarding the houses of those in authority. In the Forbidden City in Beijing, there are many pairs of Foo dogs overlooking the grounds and the buildings.

For protection in 2017, one has to place the Foo dogs in the south if they are made from metal or in the east if they are red coloured. This is true if you have a main door at these locations. Make sure to cleanse all symbolic ornaments once in every 3-4 months. After cleansing them, place them in direct sunlight or in the moonlight for 2-3 hours. They will then be filled with the positive Sheng qi energy.