Garden gnomes good luck


Gnomes are smallish old men with beards and moustaches who guard the treasures of the earth. Millions of gardens around the world have gnome figurines, mainly for decoration. This figurine makes the garden a peaceful place so the house owner can enjoy some quiet time there.

Cute adorable figurines

When you see the garden gnomes, it makes you happy and some can even make you burst out laughing. While most of them are cute, a few give an indication about who lives in the house. Since they are associated with wealth, garden gnomes are supposed to be very lucky. They serve to protect and are the spirit of the earth. People also consider them as the symbols of fertility.

Of gems and jewellery

Garden gnomes protect your garden and your home while you sleep. They have extensive knowledge of precious metals, gems, jewellery, and minerals. In folklore, you see how gnomes could make gorgeous silverwork. And the craft came with a bonus, they were often magical.

Origin of the name

The Greek word genomos is believed to be the origin of the word gnome. Genomos translates as earth dweller. There is another reference to the garden gnome. The ancient Germanic word “Kuba-Waldd” might be another name for the garden gnome. It means spirit of the home or home administrator.

Biggest collection of gnomes

There is a magical place in Devon, England where you find the Gnome Reserve. It is supposedly the place where you find the largest collection of garden gnomes in the world. This lovely place is the centre of tourist attraction and thousands of people visit the place every year.

Practice of gnoming

However, not many people favour the growth of gnomes in the gardens. This lack of empathy for the gnomes is felt in parts of Italy and France. Occasionally, when they feel the gnomes are running the place to the ground, they undertake a practice called gnoming. This means removing he gnomes from the garden and returning them to the forests.

Around the world

Garden gnomes have been on trips around the world. You can see this in the movie Amelia where Amelia sends the gnomes in her father’s garden on a trip to various destinations around the world. The father gets postcards telling him about the travels of his gnomes. This will encourage him to travel thinks Amelia.

Spread wide across Europe

Gods, goddesses, and magical creatures guard the garden. In ancient Greece, this god was Priapus. In Ireland, there are leprechauns and in Northern Europe tradition has found use for dwarfs who are the dwellers of the earth. In Norway and Denmark, you will find the nisse, a small yellow creature that resides on the farms. If you do not treat them right, they will cause much trouble for the owner of the place. In Sweden, they are known as tomte.

Today, we find more than 35 million garden gnomes in Germany alone. The production of the garden gnomes began in 1840. They have since gained in popularity and reached distant places such as the US. Lampy is a famous garden gnome brought to England along with twenty others. He is the only one remaining and is insured for over £ 1 million.