God Ayyanar

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God Ayyanar is treated as powerful village God who is the main guardian deity for villages in Tamil Nadu. Ayyanar is a Tamil word and is derived from the word Aiya, which is used to designate respectable and honourable person.

The deity is seen riding a horse with a sword in hand. It is also believed that the God Ayyanar along with companion Karuppusami fights against evil spirits and demons which are trying to threat the village.

There are many incidents how the God protected or guided people in proper direction. One day the God went to Chithakoor and was pleased with the environment over there. He then tied his horse near the water source and went inside the village and approached rich people asking them to build a hut for him near the water source. When they refused, Ayyanar asked the villagers to visit the water place on the next day. He also mentioned that the next day, they will find his steed there. At that very time, the entire village rushed towards the water source and saw the statue of the horse there. At this, the people realized that the man was none other than God Ayyanar. Immediately after that people started collecting sticks and leaves to build the hut. A stranger was passing by and took one of the sticks. When he came out of the village, he lost his eye site. He then ran to the water source and apologised to Ayyanar for his mistake. After that he regained his eye site. From this incident, villagers realized that God will punish them if they commit any mistake.

Even today also idol of God Ayyanar is the court to all residents of Chithakoor. People over there believe that punishment of Ayyanar will be terrible. As a result, they always tell the truth in front of him and apologise for their misdeeds. Several miraculous events took place and this resulted in a strong belief and faith of villagers on the God Ayyanar.

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