God Shiva Photo

God Shiva Photo
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Unknown facts about lord Shiva

Lord shiva is a complex god having numerous roles and supremacy. if we will talk of his destroyer part lord Shiva frequently hunts cemeteries, wearing snakes around his nack and a garland of skulls. A band of terrifying demos, wanting blood, goes with him. Shiva can help human and god also. God Shiva acts a heavenly judge who shows no leniency to the wicked. God Shiva pick up spiritual strength from times of meditation in the Himalayas. At the point when god Shiva dance, he represents truth, and by dancing he removes ignorance and helps relieve the suffering of his follows. As indicated by one myth, Shiva saved the gods and the world from demolition by drinking the poison of Vasuki, a serpent the gods beings used to produce the water of life. Drinking the poison made Shiva's neck blue, and he is frequently demonstrated this in art. One of Shiva's most noteworthy services to the world was to tame the holy Ganges River, which spills out of the Himalayas. At one time, the Ganges went just through the sky, leaving the earth dry. After a wise man changed the course of the river, it turned into a boiling over downpour and threatened to flood the earth. Shiva stood underneath the river and let its waters wind through his hair to calm its flow.