God Veerabhadra

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According to the belief of Hindu mythology, Lord Veerabhadra is s super creature created by wrath of Lord Shiva when Lord stepped out to destroy the special puja called Achvametha Yagam being organized by king Daksha.

Veerabhadra was created with an intention for destructing ritualism, dogma and ignorance. The great warrior, Veerabhadra is the sublimation and manifestation of Shiva’s anger and impatience and hence is referred to as an aspect of Lord Shiva in blazing mood.

God Veerabhadra also symbolizes sharp power of discrimination, and his message is to open heart of the people without any kind of fear or prejudice. He destroys evil in order to save the good.

A special Puja called Achvametha Yagam was organized by King Daksha and Lord Shiva was not invited at this puja. Not only this, king Daksha also insulted Lord Shiva when being asked to invite him by Sati, daughter of King Daksha and consort of Lord Shiva. Unable to bear such insult of her husband, Sati immolated herself in the Yagam fire. When Lord Shiva came to know about this, he got angry and God Veerabhadra came into existence. Veerabhadra had three burning eyes and was as dark as clouds. He also carried terrible weapons and wore a garland made out of skulls. Lord Shiva then instructed Veerabhadra to go and destroy King Daksha. On this, Lord Veerabhadra appeared in the midst of the Yagam and broke the sacrificial vessels and also polluted the offerings and finally cut down the head of King Daksha.

After the devastation of Daksha’s give up, the crushed gods sought Brahma and asked his support. Brahma suggested the gods to make their peace with Shiva. Brahma himself went with them to Mount Kailash. Brahma prayed to lord Shiva to forgive Daksha and to restore the broken limbs of gods and rishis. The sympathetic lord Shiva took pity on Daksha and restored the burnt head of Daksha with that of a goat’s head, and the broken limbs were made whole. Then the all god including Brahma asked the forgiveness of lord Shiva and invited him to the yagna. There Daksha looked on him with respect, the rite was duly performed, and then all the gods and rishis saluted Shiva and went back to their places. After that, Daksha became a big follower of Lord Shiva.

God Veerabhadra is also known as Veerabhadra Swami and is one of the Ganas of Lord Shiva. This god is worshipped prominently in many regions of South India and most of the temples of Lord Shiva have a statue of God Veerabhadra.

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