Goddess Aadhya

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Goddess Aadhya is the name of Goddess Kali. Of the 10 Mahavidhyas Goddess kali is the first MahaVidhya and is name as Maa Aadhya which means first born or the beginning. Kali (Adya Shakti) is the fearful and ferocious form of the mother goddess.

She assumed the form of a powerful goddess and became popular with the composition of the Devi Mahatyam, a text of the 5th-6th century AD. She is depicted as having born from the brow of Goddess Durga during one of her battels with the evil forces. As legend goes , in the battle , Kali was so much involved in the killing spree that she got carried away and began destroying everything in sight, To stoep her, Lord Shiva threw himself under her feet. The common picture of Kali shows her fierce mood , standing  with one foot on Shiva`s chest with her enormous tongue stuck out.

Goddess Kali is the form of mother Goddess, who was formed in order to save the world which was completely occupied by the demons Shumb and Nishumb. She has all the eternal powers. The statue of Goddess Kali appears to be as dark as a black stone and is adornes with jewels and garland of skulls. Most of the statues of Godess kali appear to be of 3 eyed and four arms. The left raised arm has sword and lower one has a human head. The right arms depicts that the Lord gives boons to all. Her facial expressions are hard to face because a red colored tongue is shown between her lips and make u feel the fear in observing the face. She is worshiped as the Goddess who strives against evil forces and makes the people live happily. Depending upon different traditions the Lord is worshiped accordingly.

In India Lord Kali is mostly worshiped in the Eastern Parts. West Bengal is famous for the Goddess. As  Lord Kali is one of the forms of the Lord MahaDurga. During the Navarathri festival also known as Dusshera, the diety is decorated in the form of Kali and is worshiped.

There are other forms of kali namely
1. Kali: Kali is the most famous form which we see,where she steps on to Lord Shiva,when she was intoxicated by the demons blood.
2. Matangi: She is the reincarnation of Goddess Sarasawathi, who is known as the goddess of knowledge.
3. Chinna Masta: As the name indicates Masta means head and ChinnaMasta is beheaded or without head. This is weird form of the Goddess.
4. Shamsana Kali: She is the form of Lord Kali who is worshiped in the burial ground or the cremation.
5. Bagala Kali: She is similar to kali but the beauty is adorable as she has lighter complexion when compare to Kali.
6. Bhairavi: She is known ad harbinger of death as she protects her children from evils.
7. Tara: In this form she s shown naked to the waist and then draped with the tiger skin.
8. Shodoshi: In this form Kali is shown as a girl rising from the navel of Shiva and the trinity paying respects to her.
9. Kamala: This is the form of Lord kali as the mother of wealth Goddess Lakshmi.
10. Dhumavati: This is one of the exceptional form where the Goddess is a widow. The only widow Goddess in Hindu mythology.

Famous Kali temples in India are the Dhakshineshwar Kali Mandir in Kolkata and Kalighatt temple in West Bengal, Kali temple in Patiala and many more all of the country
The love between the Divine mother and her human children is a unique relationship. Kali, the Dark mother is one such deity eith whom devotees have a very loving and intimate bond, in spite of her fearful appearance. In this relationship, the worshipper becomes a child and Kali assumes the form of the ever-caring mother.

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