Goddess Aditi

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It is believed that before the creation, universe was to be held inside the womb of Goddess Aditi. Goddess Aditi is perceived as unity of all things and also the cause of all unity being the mother of universe. Goddess Aditi contains all the metaphysical things in fact as her children. She is popular as Sephirah (tree of life) to the Kabbalists and Rhea (mother of the Olympians) to the Greeks. She is considered as the inner inexhaustible source for all kinds of life. Although she is the whole universe, her purity is never lost. She assumes various forms but her actual identity is always intact. The divine power is the goddess of consciousness, space, past, future and fertility.

goddess Aditi photoAccording to the Vedas, goddess Aditi is the mother of all Gods and all the twelve zodiacal spirits from whom all the heavenly bodies were born. Being the celestial mother of every existing form, this divine goddess is associated with space and mystic speech. She may also be considered as the feminized form of Lord Brahma and is associated with primal substance in Vedanta.

The name of Goddess Aditi is mentioned eighty times in Rig Veda as a reference to the external cyclic rebirth the same divine essence and wisdom. Again in the Puranas, goddess Aditi is considered as the wife of sage Kashyap who gave birth to the Adityas   like God Indra, God Surya and God Vamana. As per Rig Veda, goddess Aditi is said to have originated from King Daksha and it is also said that Daksha is her son in the same verse.

The name Aditi signifies freedom. As A- diti, the goddess is unbound and free and is often called by the petitioner to free them from different kind of hindrances especially sickness and sin committed. Goddess Aditi is was attributed with the status of first deity by Vedic culture and is addressed as Mighty according to Rig Veda. . The name Aditi fits her in all respects as she is considered as all encompassing.

Goddess Aditi mother of all GodsGoddess Aditi normally resembles change, luck, protection, time and perspective overcoming all the obstacles coming in one’s life. In Hindu mythology, goddess Aditi represents infinite sky and boundlessness of space and time. She is also a protector who aids in surmounting all difficulties.

Not only in Hindus, Goddess Aditi is also respected by the Buddhists and has a strong belief that the world is in transient and only the spirit is eternal. To honour her, twelve yellow candles are lighted by the Buddhists. The Hindus instead use the butter lamps in her honour.

Like all other gods and goddesses, there is also a Savari i.e. ride for Aditi. On a rooster or cock, she flies all over the limitless sky. This cock symbolizes honour and strength. She is also equipped with famous weapons Trishul and sword to fight the evils and protect her worshippers.

According to Rig Veda, Goddess Aditi is one of the most popular figures among all the divine powers. This goddess is getting popular since last few years.

Goddess Diti

Diti, according to Hindu mythology, is the mother goddess and is also popular by the name of Mahadevi. She is regarded as the goddess for women and also creativity. She has got dual portal; the one is a loving and mild goddess holding pain and pleasure in the right hand while the other is with life and death in the left hand. It is believed that Diti is the ancestor of the giants and demons called Daityas. Daityas are the demonic version of Titans according to Hinduism. The meaning of Diti in Sanskrit is brilliance or idea.

Goddess aditi with trinityDiti is equated with Danu and is one of the thirteen the wife of the great sage named Kashyap. She is also the mother of 49 Maruths. Maruths are the creatures of the night time. She had a wish to have a son that would be much more powerful compared to the king of God Indra as Indra killed her previous children. So she started practicing magic which made her to keep herself pregnant for one year. Diti is also the sister of the goddess of creation Aditi and is the daughter of King Daksha Prajapati, the god of ritual skill and son of Brahma. Veerni is the mother of Diti. Diti had many sons and daughters who were demons. The first two sons she had were famous and were actually the rebirths of Jaya and Vijaya. Jaya and Vijaya were the gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu. They were Hiranyakasha and Hiranyakashipu. Hiranyakasha was killed by 12th Avatar of Lord Vishnu and Hiranyakashipu was killed by Narasimha, the half lion and half man avatar of Lord Vishnu. Holika was a daughter of Diti but was killed by Diti herself. Diti was mean and cruel to both Kashyap and Aditi. She always tried to raise the power of the demons to the highest and also hated the sons of Aditi who were gods.

Birth of Diti’s children
Seeing Aditi being blessed with children, Diti also was eager to have children. So she pleaded for Kasyap’s company for this purpose and also wanted her sons to be more powerful than the King of all gods, Indra. Kashyap acceded to her request but asked her to wait for some time as at that time Lord Shiva and his retinue of spirits and ghosts moved around. This was considered unsuited and inauspicious. But Diti was shaken by the passion of lust and love and could not wait. Since Diti’s mind was impure, there is a possibility that she would give birth to unworthy sons. Diti realised her mistake and then Kashyap consoled her by foretelling that the sons would be killed by incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Kashyap also predicted that one of her grandsons born of her first son would be a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Thus Jaya and Vijaya came to this earth as sons of Diti in the name of Hiranyakasha and Hiranyakashipu. In Mahabharata, it is stated that the King Shishupala was an incarnation of Hiranyakashipu.





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