Goddess Padmavati

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Goddess Padmavati is a protective goddess and enjoys an independent religious life. She is very popular among the Jains. As per Digambara tradition, goddess Padmavati and her husband Dharanendra have protected Parsava when being harassed by Meghalin.

Goddess Padmavati is known to be the consort of Lord Venkateshwar or Lord Balaji. This goddess is known to protect her devotees and worshippers from various kinds of problems. The story of goddess Padmavati is associated with the legend of Tirupati.

. Lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi had a quarrel and getting angry, goddess Lakshmi came to earth. Soon after she left, Lord Vishnu came in search of her but was unable to find the goddess. Lord Vishnu then built a hermitage in Venkatadri hill by the name Srinivasa. In a nearby kingdom there was King Akasha who was childless. He once performed a ritual to get a child. During the ritual the earth cracked and one lotus flower came out with a baby girl. The king was very happy with the child and named her Padmavati. According to mythology, it was believed that in the previous birth of Padmavati, she was granted a boon to marry Lord Vishnu. It is also believed that goddess Padmavati is none other than goddess Lakshmi and is known to be golden in colour.

The little girl grew up and on one of her expeditions to a nearby forest, she met Lord Vishnu and they fell in love. But no king will accept the fact that his daughter is getting married to a forest dweller. This led to some initial hiccups but was resolved by Lord Vishnu later on. After that the Lord Vishnu or Srinivasa and goddess Padmavati got married and started to settle down in Venkatadri hill. This goddess is also popular as Padmavati Thayar as she is born out of lotus flower.

There is a large festival in which the devotees celebrate the marriage of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Padmavati. A large number of worshippers arrive at Tirumala generally in the month of November and December. It is believed that the ninth day of the festival is for the appearance of goddess Padmavati. Later on, the devotees witness Swarna Rathotsavam festival in which the deity is taken on a golden chariot around the temple. It is also believed that Garuda pleaded Lord Vishnu for his presence during the celestial procession of goddess Padmavati on Garuda Vahanam. Lord Vishnu accepted his request and has sent his golden feet which symbolize the presence in the procession. After that, golden feet cover of Lord Vishnu is being used during the procession. The goddess is depicted to be seated holding a lotus in both the upper hands and her lower hands hold a fruit and a rein.

One of the famous shrines of goddess Padmavati is in Hobuja which is located in the state of Karnataka. The city Hobuja is named after the word Hombu meaning gold. Whenever special prayers were offered to goddess, her presence was felt in the holy place.

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