Goddess Usha

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In Sanskrit language Usha means Dawn. Usha is a deity who according to Rig Veda personifies the charm of dawn. Goddess Usha is considered as the Goddess of Dawn according to Hindu mythology. She is also known as the mother goddess as she precedes light. According to Rig Veda, the break of dawn and emergence of Usha is regarded as the most beautiful passage. Goddess Usha is the one who rises untiringly every morning resembling a new born personality and bring life and hope to the mankind. For mankind, she satisfies all the longings and gives new strength to each and every spirit. Goddess Usha is commonly held as auspicious goddess who is associated with the light and wealth and is also likened to a cow.

This divine goddess is celebrated in 20 hymns and is being mentioned for more than 300 times in Rig Veda. Her character is known to be shy, delicate, and luminous and is beautifully adorned. She is also popular and is considered as a graceful dancer. Being the daughter of the sky, mother of Ashwins and consort of the Sun, she arrives every day in chariot which is drawn by the sons.

She alone leads the Sun and reveals his excellence and fire to this world. In Rig Veda, she is described as a maiden being drawn 100 number of horses. She is praised by the worshippers for driving away darkness and chases away the evil spirits. She sets all the things in motion and also sends off people from their duties after the completion of the day.

Goddess Usha gives fame and strength to her disciples and impels life. This goddess is also associated with all the breathing and life of living creatures, moves with cosmic and moral order. As regularly recurring dawn, goddess reveals and participates in the cosmic order and is foe of the chaotic forces which are threats to this world. Usha is a goddess in her own right which is like a celestial Yogini. The term Yogini is even more spiritual than Devi. Yogini refers to something deeper that awakens with the deeper recesses of the human psyche and spiritual being. She is the power of force and impels all the Gods to action. She is also the power of Shakti behind the Ashwin Gods of the Vedas in order to heal, boon and Siddhis as well as grace and knowledge for all kinds.

In the Vedas this force implies to the descending Ushas and is represented as the Dawn, the rays of the morning light that is just an illusion. These rays of light radiate upon us and blind us from this world of manifestation and give us a glimpse into the transcendental consciousness that is our own reality. Usha is well known as the goddess who bears away youth and is the skilled huntress who wastes away the lives of people. Goddess Usha is not only worshiped by disciples for bringing light from dark but also for granting long life and is the maker of time.

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