Good Luck Frog


If have seen a frog you know that they appear when there is a change in the weather. They bring the summer with them and this makes everyone happy. Many cultures, including Christianity, use the frog symbolism – the egg stage, the tadpole stage, and the amphibian stage.

Good fortune and rain

In China, the frog symbolizes good fortune. The frog has an elevated position in Chinese culture. Since frogs appear when there is rain, you see pictures of frogs on the drums used to summon the much-needed rains.

Good for the business

The frog is associated with the lunar yin. The Frog Spirit Ch’ing-Wa Sheng represents healing as well as prosperity in business. One connection to the prosperity is the way the frogs stay close to the water and we, as men, need water for everything in life.

Make the money return

In Japanese, also the frog is symbolic of luck. The word used for the frog is kaeru and this word also means ‘return’.  The frogs are very auspicious especially for travellers. They carry a frog amulet so that they are assured of the safe return.

Another instance is where the people keep the frog pictures in their wallet. This means that the money that they spend will return to their wallet. Here is the incentive for all those gamblers who try to entice money into their wallets.

Another popular frog is the Good luck frog with three legs. This money frog is also called the Feng Shui frog. If you keep one in the house, it will bring plenty of money into the house. Usually, the money frogs will have an old Chinese coin in their mouth. In many instances, the Feng Shui frogs will be seen sitting on a pile of coins. The proper position for this frog is in opposite the front door. Place it on a low shelf. Choose the corner diagonally opposite to the front door.  You must never keep the money frog in the bathroom, the bedroom, or the kitchen.

Goddess of Birth

Frogs have great significance in the Egyptian culture. The frog is associated with birth. The goddess of childbirth had a head of a frog. The midwives were called servants of Heqet. Heqet is the goddess of childbirth. Heqet also took part in fashioning the child in the womb. In the Egyptian tombs, amulets bearing the picture of the frog were placed to enhance the chances of the dead person’s soul to be reborn.

Frogs in various cultures

Golden frogs are highly auspicious in Panama. The belief is that if you see a golden frog in the wild, you will definitely become wealthy. Also, they have the superstition that the golden frogs turn into real gold when they die.

You see frogs in various other cultures too. In Celtic tradition, frogs were symbolic of healing. There is a curious reference of ‘frog’ by the English people when talking about the French people. This has something to do with the way the French adored frog’s legs.

Of course, you must have heard of Pliny the Elder’s claim – Put a frog’s tongue on the chest of a sleeping woman and she will talk only the truth. And, you must be familiar with the folk tale where the kiss of a princess turns the frog into a handsome prince.