Guardian Bell


Since the time motorcycles have been on the road, the Guardian bell has always been there to protect the motorcycle riders. Belief in the supernatural has always made man do things he would not do normally. Indeed, faith is so much belief in the supernatural as in recognition of power of the evil.

Gremlins love bike rides

According to legend, the evil road spirits latch on to the bikes as soon as the bikes hit the road. These bring bad luck, engine trouble, and all kinds of problems for the bike and the motorcycle rider. The way around this is to use the Guardian bell.

Attach the bell properly

The Guardian bell is a small metal bell that you can attach to the motorcycle. It has the power to ward off evil spirits. The normal place to attach the bell is under the motorcycle. Some people refer to the evil road spirits as gremlins.  Many prefer to call the bell as the angel bell.

The bell attracts the gremlins and traps them inside. The constant ringing sound drives them insane and the lose their grip and fall to the ground. This rids the biker and his motorcycle of all evil spirits. The evil spirits trapped inside the bell cannot do any harm to the motorcycle.

No escape for the evil spirits

The evil gremlins do not want to leave the motorcycle but there is only one option for them. That is to go down and once they hit the road they cannot climb back again. They hang on for as long as they possibly can but once the agony of the sound of the bells becomes unbearable, they have to let go. Once they let go they hit the road with enormous force and that results in potholes. At least, that is the way the superstitious bikers think.

Gifting the bell

For the bell to have extra effect, you must receive the bell as a gift. This must be from someone close to you. So, if you have a biker friend, you can consider gifting him or her a Guardian Bell. Of course, you can buy one Guardian bell for yourself but it will not be as powerful as the one that is a gift.

Unique types of bells

You can get Guardian bells with inscriptions – symbols and markings – to fight the evil more viciously. The powerful bells have Irish Celtic symbols or Viking symbols. But some of the riders prefer skull heads while others like it to have a religious motif. One thing is sure, every superstitious motorcycle rider wants some protection against the wild, evil forces.

Superstitious stories about the bell

We have many stories about the gremlins and the bells. One goes like this. On a cold, night an old man was driving home across the country. He was a salesman and he had lots of party trinkets with him – teddy bears, bells, ticker tape, balloons…you name it. While negotiating a sharp curve the tires lost traction and he fell on the ground. There he saw a group of wicked gremlins ready to attack him. The poor man had hurt his leg and could not move. He threw the packages at the advancing gremlins but they kept coming. Suddenly, one of packets broke open and a couple of bells fell out.

Immediately, the gremlins were trapped inside. From then on, he tied a bell to his motorcycle. It kept him safe.