Hand of Fatima good luck symbol


The Hamsa also called the Humes hand, Khamsa, or the Hand of Fatima is a popular symbol in the Islamic and Jewish faiths. It appears in Judaism and Christianity too as a talismanic symbol that gives the believers protection from harm from the evil eye. It gives abundance, fertility, good health, and luck.

Significance of five

Hamsa is the Hebrew word for five. In Arabic, Khamsa means five. The Hand of Fatima protects the holder of the hand from all negative energies. For instance, one negative energy may the envious looks others give you wishing you no good.
The significance of the number f

Well of Miriam

You can give it the name the Hand of Miriam as Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. Aaron became the First High Priest. According to legend, it was due to the virtues of Miriam that the Israelites always found water in the desert as they tried to flee from Egypt. The well that seemed to follow the people of Israel is called the Miriam’s well. This is why Miriam is associated with happiness, luck, and protection.

Added fish symbol

You sometimes see a fish drawing in the Hamsa hand. Fish represents good luck. Th fish lives in the water and is completely immune to the evil eye. By adding the fish to the Hamsa hand, you get added protection from the evil eye.

Meaning of the eye symbol

The eye drawing on the Hamsa hand is the all-seeing eye. Nothing can escape detection. The person who possesses the Hamsa is protected by the eye that tells him when evil strikes and gives him protection.

Motifs and charms with Hand of Hamsa

You find plenty of jewels and charms with the Hamsa symbol. More popular are pictures of the Hand of Fatima and paintings. In the Muslim faith, we see Fatima is the daughter of the prophet Muhammad from his first wife Khadija. She married Ali and bore children so that Muhammad had grandchildren. The people of Shia faith believe that Fatima is pure without any sin. Thus, the Hand of Fatima gives strength, power, and protection.

Representation of Muslim faith

In some places, you see homes with the door knocker shaped as the Hand of Fatima. It is believed to protect the family and the home from the evil eye. Just like the in the Jewish faith, the Hand of Fatima represents the five pillars of Muslim faith. They are Faith, Prayer, Pilgrimage, Fasting, and Charity.

Some peace activists who work in the hope that the Muslims and the Jews will live side by side in harmony wear the Hamsa hand or the Hand of Fatima. They wear it in the hope that it brings protection from the evil eye to both the Jews and the Muslims at the same time.