Hanuman Statues


‘Pawanputra Hanuman’ is worshipped as the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman is known to be the epitome of strength and power. Several mythological stories revolve around this ‘Chirnajivi.’

The statues of Lord Hanuman depict the moods and forms of this divine figure, in various postures. The pictures of ‘Panchmukhi Hanuman,’ ‘Hanuman playingManzira’, ‘Hanuman engrossed in Meditation’ and ‘God Kapeeshwara’ are the bestsellers. Here at Maadurgawallpapers, you can get list of these statues and pictures of Lord Hanuman at reasonable prices. The finely cut out statues will render you speechless, as they fit into temples and showcases of your home, complementing the décor.

Maadurgawallpapers showcases a collection of Hanuman statues available in sizes as small as to fit onto your car’s dashboard and also in sizes that adorn the temples of your abodes.Maadurgawallpapers always fetches the best of the statues at best of the prices. The small Hanuman statues with golden and silver finish can serve as a unique gift for your guests on festivals, as these also go friendly on your pockets (around 198 to 388 INR). A tap on the ‘Read more’ option navigates you to the respective site popping all the details of your selected item.

The marble statues of Hanuman can adorn your home as well, imparting a positive vibe to your place. The ‘Ram Darbar’statues finely carved out of marble with a bling of colours as the ensembles, and those cast out of brass moulds, and the ones with 24K gold plating (with a slightly higher pocket pinch) depict love and reverence of Hanuman towards Rama, Sita, and Lakshman.Avail lucrative discounts on the beautiful collection of Hanuman statues at this online store. Be it the temple or be it the living area, these statues are one of the best assets of your abode.