Harmful effects of chemical colours of Holi

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As we all know Holi is the festival of colours and where ever you see, on this day, people throw colours on one another. It is believed that without colours Holi festival is incomplete. The actual meaning of colours signifies love for others and creates positive energy in our own. At the past, Holi was celebrated with natural colours that were easily available in the market or can be made at home. In place of yellow colour they used turmeric powder where as for red colour they took hibiscus and for green colour they choose henna powder. Thus, everybody play safe Holi at that time.

But today, markets are over flooded with different types of paste colours, wet and dry colours. These colours contain harmful chemicals in it and people enjoy playing with these harmful happily. The chemical colours contain solvents like lead, aromatic compounds, tetrathyline and benzene. Red, green and black are some of the dark colours that contain copper sulphate, mercury sulphite and lead oxide in high content. These harmful solvents when mixed with colours can directly lead to skin related problems like rashes, skin cancer, allergy, etc.

Effects of chemical colours

The colours contain high toxic chemicals which come in content with our skin and enter inside our body through pores. Thus give rise to skin and other diseases.

  • Causes allergy in eyes which results in blindness, redness of the eyes.
  • Excess intake of black colour containing lead oxide through air directly affects the kidney.
  • Chlorine iodine contains in purple colour causes asthma.
  • Causes skin cancer.
  • Directly attack the nervous system which results in mental retardation.
  • Leads to dermatitis due to rashes and itching.
  • Directly affects the hair. Once the colour gets dry, it results in dry and brittle hair.

Permanent chemical dyes are also available in the market in the form of Holi colours. It is very difficult to wash these colours and retain for several days on the skin once it gets dry and thus termed as pucca colours. People also make use of grease and engine oil to play Holi. These chemicals when comes in contact with our skin give rise to various skin related problems. You will feel the reaction after two to three hours. You have to use kerosene oil, soaps and detergents to get rid of these chemicals which in turn cause more problems for the skin.

Chemical colours are more in demand and easily available as they are cheap as compared to the natural herbal colours. These are generally prepared easily by adding harmful substances like mica, alkalis and glass powder.

Purple, green and some other dark colours highly contain chemical content. Avoid coming in direct contact with these colours. Wash these colours from your body as soon as possible before they enter through pores and mix with the blood. Try not to stand in front of sunlight for a long time after applying colours. To avoid all the harmful effects of chemical colours, choose flower petals and natural colours. It is very necessary to use eco-friendly colours and play safe Holi.

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