Holi Around the World

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Festivals are celebrated all over the world without the boundaries of caste and religion. Indians are living all over the world. Thus, they celebrate every festival in the same manner as they celebrate in their own country. Just like Holi is celebrated in India, it also celebrates in other countries of the world with colours, bonfire and sweets. This Holi festival brings people together from all over the country to spread happiness all around. They decorate their house and exchange sweets, greetings and gifts with one another. Almost all the schools outside India are closed to celebrate Holi festival.

Holi in USA
Holi celebration Around the World
Indians in a very large population settled in USA. The people living there are very close to their culture. Thus they celebrate their Indian Holi festival in other country. In New York, special parades for Holi are organized by various societies. Fashion shows, music concerts and dance performances are also organized where bollywood stars come and perform. You can’t say after seeing the celebrations in New Your city that we are celebrating Holi in some other country.

Holi in Bangladesh
In Bangladesh there is large number of Hindus and Muslims settled as it share the border with Myanmar and on front side of Bay of Bengal. Most of the population in Bangladesh is of Muslims but there are no restrictions for the Hindus. Thus they celebrate Holi in their own way. Even many Muslims participate in this celebration.

Holi in Nepal
Terai is the place in Nepal where most of the Indians are settled down. There water balloons when filled with water is termed as ‘lolas’. People play and throw these coloured balloons on one another. Before Holi, a pole made of bamboo also called ‘Chir’ is placed with strips of clothes placed on it. The installation of Chir represents good luck. At last Chir is used for bonfire.

Holi in Guyana
Guyana is located in north-east cost of South America. About 33 percent of the total population living in this country are Hindus. Thus Holi is celebrated same as it is celebrated in India. Special songs especially for Holi known as ‘Chowtaals’ are sung by the people of Guyana. They celebrate this festival with coloured powder called abrack and water called abeer. Castor oil plant is planted and people burn this tree one month after Holika. Holi is declared as a national holiday in Guyana.

Holi in Pakistan
Several Hindus settled down in Pakistan after partition in the Sindh region and Lahore. They celebrate Holi festival not in the same way as they celebrate in India but still they make sweets like gujia, dahi badas, etc at home and distribute among their relatives and friends. People gather in temples and celebrate there. Temples are well decorated on the occasion of Holi.

Holi in Mauritius
63 percent of Indians are settled in Mauritius and they celebrate Holi festival every year with the same fun and excitement People wear new clothes, burn Holika and next day enjoy with colours. People greet each other with sweets and tilak.

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Holi Festival of Colors around the world

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