Holi celebration in Mathura-Vrindavan

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There are many festivals all over the world and each of them has a special purpose behind this. Despite of separate reasons for the celebrations still it is celebrated with love among all without any discrimination. In all these festivals there is one which is celebrated in order to celebrate love. Love in this festival is celebrated through colours. By applying colours to each other we forget everything our fights and differences among each other. This festival is acknowledged by the name of Holi. This is the festival of colours and all over the world it is celebrated with lots of love.

Root of festival of love
There are many gods or deity, that being, worshipped. Among that, one of the Hindu deities is Krishna. When he was small, a demon with the name Putana gave him poison through the milk of her breast. This makes the colour of Krishna turned dark blue due to the reaction of poison taken by him. In his village, there is a girl with the name Radha, which is having a fair skin. He likes her very much but due to his colour he is insecure that whether Radha and other girl of the village will like him or not. He asks this many a times that whether other girls and Radha will like him or not. His mother always told him that they would like him. However, despite this he continuously ask the same question repeatedly. One day his mother is irritated and told him to colour Radha with whatever colour he likes so that he would not, feel insecure. He coloured Radha with all the colours and they became couple. There love begins and known all over the world. From that day every year, it is being, celebrated as Holi, which is the festival of colour and love.

Celebration on Land of Krishna
All over the world, it is celebrated but from where it originated is the place where it grows is Mathura and Vrindavan. Here Krishna had spent all his childhood. Over here, Holi celebrated for the whole week. As usual, we play Holi all over the world it is being, played over here also. With that here Lathmar Holi is also, played. In this Holi the ladies (Gopis) from the neighboring village play Holi with Lath or Danda or wooden stick and the gents save themselves with guard or shields. In this, the males sing the songs, which make the women provocative for beating them with the lathis. With this thandai is, also given to everyone, which is having Bhang. Due to this, everyone behaves differently and absurdly. In this someone ask for more food, some laugh loudly or some cries aloud. This makes everyone forget everything and all their, worries which they face in their regular life. This festival of colours makes everyone forget every bad moment in their life and refresh them to make a new beginning in their life. In this, all the enemies become friends and celebrate this with whole heart. In the land of Krishna, it is, celebrated with extra love, which Krishna had spread during his stay.

celebration of holi in vrindavan
holi 2015 at vrindavan

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