Holi in Bhil Tribes of North West India

Holi in Bhil Tribes of North West India

Bhil tribe of North West in India includes the main states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh where Holi is celebrated in a very special way. They maintained their pre-Hindu customs and follow the tradition while celebrating this festival. They light bonfire and worship the God one day before Holi. Thus there are large numbers of places to visit during the Holi festival. People bring mango leaves, grains and kesudo for the puja which signifies the beginning of new life. On Holi festival, young people in the village form liaisons which lead to marriage. It is celebrated by different states in a different manner only with a single slogan that we all are one.

Holi in Madhya Pradesh
In Madhya Pradesh, Holi is celebrated with same enthusiasm and charm as it is celebrated in the whole North. In Indore, it is celebrated for five days by the name Pancham Holi. Holi festival is welcomed by the people as it is the beginning of spring season. They sprinkle colours, sing and dance on their traditional songs. Holi is celebrated in a traditional way as it has some historic story behind it. On the last day of the celebration, it is believed that Maratha Holkars after conquering brought Marathi tradition in the form of Rangpanchami. Thus colours are played on the fifth day of Holi festival.

Holi in Rajasthan
In Rajasthan, Holi is celebrated in the same manner as in Mathura. People gather one day before Holi and light big bonfires. They burn dried mango leaves and twigs of wood. People throw gulal and kumkum in the form of colours on each other. They sing and dance on the dhol and traditional folks of Rajasthan. This festival is celebrated in Rajasthan in the form of art. Rajput warriors show their skills, throw colours and ride their steeds in the form of white and pink colours of clouds. Braj festival is organized on Holi in the honour of Radha-Krishna just few days before the Holi. The villagers perform raslila in which they show the whole story about the love of Radha and Krishna. They sing and dance together and perform various stories and scenes taken from the life of Lord Krishna.

Different types of Holi are celebrated in different areas of Rajasthan like Mali Holi, Gair at Godaji and Dolchi Holi at Bikaner.

Mali Holi: Mali is one of the famous communities of Rajasthan and they have a different style to celebrate Holi. Men of this community colour the women with water where as in return women hit them with long piece of cloth or with sticks.

Gair at Godaji: Godaji village is near to Ajmer where men from 12 different villages get collected with their own gair troupes and drummer. The whole location of this village is decorated in the form of valley surrounded by hills. All this is done few days after the Holi festival.

Dolchi Holi at Bikaner: People belonging to Harsh and Vyas communities are residing at Bikaner district of Rajasthan. They celebrate Holi by throwing water which is collected in a designer vessel known as ‘Dolchi’. It is made of camel skin. Water is thrown only on the back of the person.