Holi in Bihar

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Bihar is one of the states of India that follows their culture, tradition and maintains the heritage of their land. Following the same tradition and culture, they celebrate the festival of colours Holi with love and respect. On the day of Holika Dahan or Phalgun Poornima, people light fire and burn Holika. They sing and dance around the bonfire. Bonfire is made of wood of Araad or Redi tree and cow dung cakes. Fresh cultivated grains and unwanted wood and leaves are used to the bonfire. People clean their houses before Holi festival. Buy new clothes especially white colour clothes to maintain the traditional look.

Holi in Bihar is celebrated after one day of the actual festival celebrated all over country. This is due to the reason that they truly believe on astrologers. Due to some astrological reasons, they maintain a gap between Holika Dahan and the day of Holi. Just after the full moon day, people play Holi with water colours also known as Pratipada. They consult the Hindu astrological calendar i.e. Panchang of Mithila and Benares. The bonfire is first enlightened by the eldest member of the family or colony where people get assembled near the bonfire. At some places of Bihar, Holi is celebrated with mud. Folk songs related to Holi are sung by singers. People dance on Dhol and enjoy the festival of Holi.

Pakoras and thandaii made of bhang is very common in Bihar. They consume bhang in the form of some other mouth watering delicacies. They drink dud bhang in which milk is prepared with extract of bhang and lots of dry fruits. Tikri, one of the Indian sweet that is stuffed with bhang and bhangjalebi are very popular on Holi festival. It is a tradition in some villages of Bihar to entertain all the gents with bhang at Dwar maintained by seven brothers of a family. Almost in all the Western countries, use of marijuana by any people is a crime. But for those who consume alcohol in large quantity find their alternate through bhang. Use of bhang on Holi is also marked as the favourite beverage of Lord Shiva. Thus bhang is accepted by people only on this festival.

The festival of colours is celebrated for two days in Bihar. First day is known as Dhurkhel i.e. Holi is played with dirt, mud etc. On second day of the festival, people celebrate with colours. Sometimes depending upon the mahurat, both are played on the same day. People in Bihar make groups. They beat drums, sing Holi songs and Jogiras performed by each group. There are classical music program held in Bihar after the completion of two day long Holi festival. Artists come from other places to perform there. All this is organised by one of the respected villager Shri Kameshwar Chaudhary. They itself lives in Jamshedpur. Classical music program is more common among elders. Only few youngsters show their presence as they are least interested in classical music. Holi is celebrated by Hindus and Muslims together at one place in Bihar.

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