Holi in Delhi

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Delhi is the capital of India called by different names- metro city, heart of India. People of Delhi celebrate all the festivals with full enthusiasm. Holi is also celebrated with traditions and by maintaining the culture. People make small group also known as toli and move out of their house. They apply colours on one another till no one can recognise them. Most of the people like to play Holi with their neighbours rather than go outside. People in Delhi play Holi within a society, friends or relatives.

On Holi, it is difficult for a person to enter in some areas like Paharganj where people throw colours even on the strangers or passerby. On the eve of Holi in Delhi Holi Cow festival is celebrated by Delhi people. It is celebrated outside the city at any place of short distance. To enjoy the Holi Cow festival you have to book tickets in advance. They all get together at one place. They dance, sing, play with colours, enjoy bhang lassi, street food, music, etc. Many tourists especially come here to attend this festival. Famous DJ’s and bands can be booked by the organizer to perform on this eve.


Holi is also celebrated by the politicians in a very decent way as Delhi is a political hub. Even outside the house of our Prime Minister and President, people gather in a large quantity to play Holi with them. They hug, apply tilak on their forehead and congratulate all the people and wish them good luck for their future. Many cultural events can be organized on Holi where more of the politicians and VIP’s get invited. Some politicians make arrangements outside their house and invite other ministers to come and play Holi with them.

Today, the colours used in Holi are not natural. The people make use of chemical colours mixed with some non-toxic substances like lead oxide, copper sulphate, etc which are not good for our skin. Thus, people of Delhi starts celebrated Holi with natural colours to make their festival eco-friendly. There are many social and environmental groups are organized who make their efforts and ask people to celebrate Holi in a natural way without wasting water. There are several markets who make colours at home and sell them in the markets of Delhi like green colour is prepared from Mehndi (Heena), yellow colour from Haldi (Turmeric powder), red colour is from red sandalwood and many more.

Holika Dahan pooja is done in the same way one day before Holi. They light bonfire, read mantars and do their pooja according to the mahurat at night. It is a two day long festival. Before a week of this festival, they collect the wood for Holika Dahan. Different kings of pichkaris for children starting from any age group are available in the market. Markets are flooded with festival sweets like Ghujia, Puran Poli, Dahi Bada, etc. Some people prepare sweets at home and distribute among all. All types of natural colours and chemical colours are available in the market. It is up to you how to play eco friendly Holi.

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