Holi in Rajasthan

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Many a festivals are being celebrated throughout the world. One of such festival is Holi which is being celebrated in whole of the world in different ways but with the same purpose of celebrating love. This festival is known for colours. People with playing colours they add colours to their life and if anyone who wants to start new make a fresh beginning with it. With the holi colours one add many colours to our life. In many parts of the world this festival is celebrated not for a day but for a week or for long. One of such place is Rajasthan in which this festival is celebrated for more than a week in different ways.

Royals and commoners
Rajasthan is the place known for royals. From the olden days, these people celebrated this festival with royalty. On this day, the royals of rajasthan celebrate this festival, as they are one of the people among commons. One cannot differentiate that who are from royals and which one is from common people. The spirit of festival is so high that everyone forgets every differentiation and mingles among each other in such a way that one does not recognize any difference. Even today the rajput show their warrior skills as they used to show in the olden times and with that throwing colours to each other in the celebration of the festival Holi. Before the day of Holi the Holika dhan is being performed over here which is a bonfire. Over here the festival is, also known by Dhulandi. On this festival, a special kind of drink being drunk as Thandai that is, known in other places as Bhang also. During this time, the people gave sweets to each other and send wishes to each other. Various cultural programs related to Holi are being done and on the day of Holi everyone dance with full energy and enthusiasm.

Different Ways of Celebration
In various ways, Holi is being players over here as one of the Holi that is there among gardener also known by the name of Mali Holi. In this, the community consisting of the gardener in which the men of this community throw colored water on the women. In return, the women stop by hitting the men with the long sticks or with the long pieces of cloth. Men stop the women by throwing water in return.

There are various, communities in Rajasthan and from these two of them are Vyas and other one is Harsh. In these communities, they play by throwing water to each other with the help of special vessel known as Dolchi. It is, designed in such a way so that water can be, thrown with a force. In this, one can throw the water only at the backside of the person only. This way of celebrating holi is, known as Dolchi Holi.

In Rajasthan among various communities, the festival is, celebrated in different ways but one thing that is common in all the celebration is the love and the royalty of celebration. During this festival in Rajasthan, more colours are, added to it.

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