Images of Lord Krishna

Images of Lord Krishna
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Interesting facts about lord Krishna

The battle with Kansa was ante-ceded by numerous other fights which are affectionately looked upon as the Lords greatness. Few famous and well known are as follows. The demon Putna was sent to slaughter Krishna as a child. Dressed as a wet-nurse she drew went to Yashodha and requested to feed baby Krishna. The little boy then sucked the life out of her and henceforth Putna meet her end. The maternal act of feeding by Putna was rewarded by Lord Krishna and thus Putna accomplished salvation. Snake Demon Aghasura was Putna's brother. To revenge the death of Putna, Aghasura opened his mouth wide as cave mouth and lured the children inside him. When lord Krishna came to know about this, he freed both the children and the serpent. Another triumph was with multi-headed serpent Kaliya. Kaliya poisoned waters of Yamuna and when Krishna chose to end the fear the tenants of Vrindaban were troubled about losing the beloved Child. However Krishna acting naturally, tamed the serpent and free the river of its poison. This is among few of the childhood triumphs of Lord Krishna.