Incarnation of lord Krishna

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Krishna was born at a stressed historical period prior to a devastating war. The warring factions built up numerous weapons which the increased problems on the earth became intolerable. Ultimately the goddess of Earth took the form of a cow and prayed to Lord Brahma for relief. Lord Brahma called All of the demigods into the coast of the Milk Ocean to listen to Mother Earth and to worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Vishnu. Lord Brahma dropped into trance reciting the Vedic hymns called the Purusa-sukta and discovered the voice of Lord Vishnu. He then declared, “O demigods, listen out of me the words of god. He is conscious of the distress on Earth and needs you demigods to incarnate as sons and daughters in the Yadu dynasty. Thus, you will all have the benediction of linking the eternal pastimes of Lord Krishna.”

Lord Brahma consoled the cow and sent her house, then returned to his world, Brahmaloka. The demigods then started to take arrival in the Yadu dynasty, anticipating the appearance of Lord Krishna. The members of the Yadu dynasty, led by Vasudeva and Devaki, together with their relatives, friends, and well-wishers were all demigods. The inhabitants of Vrindavana, led by King Nanda, Queen Yasoda, and Queen Rohini, were also demigods.

King Kamsa was just another relative in the family, however he wasn’t a demigod. He took the throne of his father, Ugrasena, and put him in prison. After Devaki, a part of Ugrasena’s household, wed Vasudeva, she obtained a big dowry of horses, elephants, chariots, and servants. After the wedding, Kamsa took the reins of this wedding chariot and began to escort the couple residence. On the way, a voice in the skies addressed him: “You silly king, the eighth son of Devaki will kill you!”

Kamsa pulled Devaki down with her own hair, drew his sword and prepared to kill her on the spot, but Vausdeva begged to his bride’s lifetime and promised to let him kill the eighth child, so that the oracle wouldn’t be fulfilled. Kamsa consented to save her life, but secured Vasudeva and Devaki at a stone prison. Thereafter, he mercilessly murdered the initial six sons of Devaki. Devaki’s eldest son miscarried but mystically transferred into the womb of Queen Rohini at Vrindavana. This became Krishna’s older brother, Balarama. Soon thereafter, Devaki became pregnant with her eighth child.

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