Jade Plant – Money Plant


The evergreen plant with thick, shiny leaves is grown in majority of the households that believe in Feng Shui. Called the Lucky plant or the Money plant, the Jade plant (Crassula ovata) is a good luck symbol. “Jade by the door, poor no more”, is a saying you must have heard.

Succulent African native

These plants can grow big with very little care since they survive in most indoor conditions with little water. The plant, native to South Africa, is succulent and has round fleshy leaves. Most people who feel that they deserve the good things in life buy a jade plant for their house.

Lucky charm for hotels

Many restaurants also have this lucky charm by the open doors to welcome new customers and bring prosperity to the restaurant. In the house, the best place to keep the jade plant is in the southeast corner of the house. You can place one at the place of work too. You just need to cut a few pieces of the plant shoot and place it in water. It will begin to grow and you have a new plant.

Make new friends

The jade plant has the name of friendship plant because it helps one makes friends easily. You give the jade plant to your friends for bringing good luck to them. Flowering plants are very good for fostering friendship. They make good presents and you can give it to your friend on his or her birthday. Also, people prefer to give it on the wedding, since it will bring prosperity to the newly-wed couple.

Do not overwater

You must watch a few things when you care for your jade plant. For one, you should water it sparingly. If you water it too much the roots will rot and the plant will die. So, wait for the soil to go dry and then water it. When you select the pot for the plant, select one with a hole. This will allow the water to drain away.

Keep it cool and dry

One of the reasons the leaves turn yellow is that the plant received too much water. On the other hand, if the plant has not received enough water, then the leaves will begin to fall off. However, this is normal and you need not worry too much over it. Take care not to fertilize it during the fall and winter months. Also, you need not repot the plant too often. Keep the pot in a cool place during winter without water. The jade plant likes to be in the dark at night. If you have a porch light, do not leave it on giving light on the hade plant. During the winter months, the jade plant will bloom. The blossoms are white and very pretty. They are easy to maintain. Many people have their jade plant for 40-50 years. The branches of the plant grow thick and imposing.

When exposed to the bright sunlight, the leaves of the jade plant will develop a reddish tinge around its edges. If there is too much sunlight, the leaves may develop carotenoids for protection. It loses its greenish tinge and turns yellow.