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God Kaal Bhairav is an incarnation of Lord Shiva according to Hindu mythology and is commonly known as the moving form of Lord Shiva. This god is known to protect mankind against destruction. According to astrology God Kaal Bhairav is the Lord of Rahu and fierce form of Shiva. It is believed that Kaal Bhairav is connected to goddess Bhairavi who protects body, personality, character and other qualities of the follower.

It is also believed that worshipping of God Kaal Bhairav will help one to win over enemies, achieve success and gain materialistic comforts. There are eight manifestations of God Bhairavar and they are Kala Bhairavar, Samhara Bhairavar, Rudra Bhairavar, Kapala Bhairavar, Asitanga Bhairavar, Krodha Bhairavar, Unmatta Bhairavar and Ruru Bhairavar. He is one of the popular deities in Nepal, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand, who originated in Hindu mythology and is holy to Hindus, Buddhists and Jains alike.

There is a tale behind the origin of God Kaal Bhairav. In a conversation between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu asked Brahma who the supreme creator of universe. Lord Brahma considered him as superior and asked Lord Vishnu to worship him. They had a debate on this issue and finally decided to seek answer from the four Vedas as Vedas are considered to have answers of all questions. According to Rig Veda, Lord Shiva is designated to be the supreme power that controls all living things. Yajur Veda also considered that none other than Lord Shiva is supreme. Sam Veda also stated that the respected figure who controls the entire world is Triambakam, another name of Lord Shiva. Finally it was the turn of Atharva Veda which also mentioned Shankar i.e. Lord Shiva as a deity who has the capability to remove all worries of human beings. At this, Lord Brahma got furious and started to forge Lord Shiva’s work. Lord Shiva immediately created a living being by throwing a small nail from his finger which assumed the form of Kal Bhairav. Meanwhile Kaal Bhairav cut the fifth head of Lord Brahma. Since then Lord Brahma’s ego was cut down.

It is also believed that in the form of Kaal Bhairav, Lord Shiva is guarding each and every Shaktipeeths and all Shaktipeeth temples are accompanied by a temple of God Kaal Bhairav.

Temples or shrines of Kal Bhairav are exist within or close to most Jyotirlinga temples, the holy twelve holy places devoted to Shiva crosswise India, including Kashi Vishwanath, Varanasi and the Mahakaleshwar Temple at Ujjain, where at the Kaal Bhairav Temple, he is worshipped by the Kapalika and Aghori sects of Shaivism, here one can also find the Patal Bhairav and Vikrant Bhairav shrines.

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