Khajuraho Temples

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India is said to be the land of Gods. The culture and history of India has attracted many tourists not only from India but from many parts of the world. One of the famous and ancient temples of India is Khajuraho Temple. They are a small town of temples which is known as Khajuraho Temples that are situated in Madhya Pradesh, Central India. The temple is famous worldwide for its erotic sculptures that depicts humans both psychologically and emotionally. Khajuraho Temple is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The sculptures are made from fine grained stones and even today they are smooth and soft. The group monuments in this temple belong to the group of Hindu and Jain temples that are in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The architect used in the temples is Nagara-style.

Khajuraho Temple

Most of the Khajuraho Temple were constructed between 950 and 1050 CE. The temples were built by Chandela dynasty. According to the archaeologist and the record in the history of the temples of Khajuraho site had 85 temples by the 12th century. The Khajuraho Temple are spread over the area of 6 sq kilometers. The Kandariya Temple is one of the temples of the Khajuraho group of temples that is decorated with a profusion that symbolizes the ancient art of India.

The Khajuraho Temple were built during the rule of Rajput Chandela. As soon as their power got strong over their regional area they built the temple. During the rule of Hindu King Yashovarman and King Dhanga most of the temples were under construction. The active use of Khajuraho Temples were during the 12th century later in the 13th century the activity of the temples changed as the army of Delhi Sultanate came under the Muslim ruler Sultan Qutb-ud-din Aibak. Sultan Qutb-ud-din attacked on the kingdom of Chandela and seized it.

The site of Khauraho Temples is within the Vindhya Mountain, situated in central India. It is said that in the ancient times Lord Shiva and other gods mostly visited dramatic hill formation that is in the Kalinjar area. Whereas, Khajuraho is situated in the central of the Vindhya Mountain, surrounded by hills and rivers. The complex of the temple reflects the ancient Hindu traditions that show that god’s love to play. All the Khajuraho Temples face towards east that is sunrise except one temple that is Chaturbhuja. Most of the Hindu temples are built facing the east side meaning sun rise.

The architects of the Khajuraho Temples are the symbol that reflects the Hindu beliefs through its formation, structure and the way the parts of the temples are arranged. Even though the patterns are repeated each image and sculpture is distinctive. The images are not random, but while they are together seen they display a lot about it. The Khajuraho Temples represent various forms of arts that basically reflect the Rajput kingdoms in India. One of the amazing facts about the erotic sculptures on the temples is that they are limited to the outside of the wall and not in the internal parts of the temple. It is said that the reason behind these sculptures according to the theory is that all the weakness of human life should be left before reaching to God. The Khajuraho Temples are divided into three parts. The three parts are:

  • The eastern group
  • The western group
  • The southern group

The dance festival in Khajuraho is held yearly during the month of February. The various performance of the dance are mainly classic that has the backdrop of either the Vishwanath or the Chitragupta temples. The complex of the Khajuraho Temple shows light and a sound show during the evenings for the tourist. Mainly there are two language shows the first show is in English and the other one is in Hindi. The shows are held on the lawns of the temple complex that has a mixture of reviews from the visitors. There are many visitors from all around the world that come to visit the Khajuraho Temples every person has their own judgement about the sculpture besides the sculpture they display the art and the history of the Indian kings and their kingdoms.


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