Krishna Statues


Krishna is the most adorable and loved incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Mathura and Vrindavan are the two places bestowed with the childhood of Krishna. The little Krishna in His childhood is known to have won over several demons, and as he grew up, the purpose of His rebirth was served, that is the society was devoid of malice, once again.

The pictures of little Krishna, clad in yellow and red, often known as Bal Gopal, dotted with butter on his face and hands are the favourites of all.There are impeccable marble statues of Lord Krishna with a touch of gold as the ensembles and the flute. The statues of ‘Radha Krishna’in brass, oxidized white silver, impeccable white marble-symbolizing the colours of love can definitely adorn your temples as well as your living areas. The collection of statues and pictures will awe you with their fine crafts and an absolute lively blend of colours. The peacock feather in each picture is drawn so intricately that your eyes will always claw on it.

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