Ladybug good luck


Man, always was a strong believer in superstition. He has carried good luck charms down the ages to help him fight against the evil eye. One such is the Ladybug good luck symbol.

Land on the person

When the ladybug lands on you, it will bring plenty of good luck. You must not shake the bug off or frighten it. Instead, be still and count the number of spots it has. This will tell you how many months of good fortune you will have. Also, note how deeply red the lady bug is. The redder it is the more luck you will have.

Ladybug symbolism

The common belief is that when ladybug crawls over the hand of an unmarried lady, she will be married within the year. There have been numerous references to poems and sayings of ladybug in literature. Each of them refers to the colour of the ladybug and the spots it has.

Symbol of self-reliance

The ladybugs are tenacious and capable of self-protection though they are small in size. When a bigger insect threatens to eat it up, it releases a dirty smell that will offend the bigger insect so that it will turn its attention to something else. People observed how this worked and decided that the ladybug showed how to be courageous and self-reliant.

Never kill the bug

Killing a ladybug is extremely bad luck. If you have unwittingly killed a ladybug, you will remain in Bad Book of Virgin Mary for nine days. This is bad as nothing good will happen to you for the time you spend in the Bad Book.

Link to Virgin Mary

One of the oldest folklores is that the ladybug is one of the favourites of the Virgin Mary. It has been linked to Mary, mother of Jesus for a long time. You see seven spots on the ladybug. This is said to represent the Seven Sorrows of Mary. And then, there is the other faction that says it represents the Seven Joys of Mary.

Link to new-born baby

Since the ladybug is symbolic of security and good fortune, people use it in a variety of ways. One of the ways they use it is to bring good luck for babies. The ladybug showers the new-born with plenty of good luck. In Italy, they are given the nickname, commaruccia which means midwives. This is the reason you see ladybug pictures on all the things and clothes used for babies.

Protection symbolism

Since the Middle Ages, there was the belief that the ladybugs brought you protection. One popular story goes that the farmers were being afflicted by aphids. They prayed to Virgin Mary for protection. The Virgin Mary gave answer to their prayer by sending thousands of ladybugs that destroyed the aphids and saved the crops. The ladybug remains a talisman for security and shield.

So, if you see a ladybug do not disturb it. Just hope that it lands on you the next time around. In the Netherlands, you will find the use of ladybug images demonstrating against the use of unnecessary violence. They are depicted on the street tiles.