Laughing Buddha Statues


Bring laughter and joy in your home!

Laughing Buddha statues are that one thing which almost every household has. You will find them in offices, desks, houses and more. They are delightful pieces of décor that bring a new light to the house or space. We often confuse Laughing Buddha, Ho Tai (as known in Chinese) with the historical Buddha. But these two are completely different. Ho Tai or Laughing Buddha is often known as the Santa Claus in China, and he brings joy whenever he enters any space.

Laughing Buddha’s usually have a sack or a bag with them, these are gifts that he carries with him. They are also depicted as happiness and positivity. He was a monk who would surprise kids with presents if legends are to be believed. That’s the reason he was also called Santa Claus.
Laughing Buddha is one of the best gift items, and they say that when you get it as a gift, it is quite lucky. You should always place a laughing Buddha pointed towards the door so he brings in happiness in your life when keeping it at home. Otherwise, you can place it anywhere else you want. There are no rules with a laughing Buddha statue.

A laughing Buddha is always smiling and brings in good wealth in the house. You can find numerous beautiful pieces on our site. Just click on the “read more” option, and you will be navigated to the buying portal. You can get additional details and see more pictures of the piece over there. We have statues in various ranges like starting from Rs.499 and going to Rs.6000. They are made in various colours like silver, brass, gold polished, marble and much more.

Get your favourite laughing Buddha statue today from here and welcome joy, happiness in your life.