Lord Agni

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Lord Agni is the most important Hindu God. He works as a messenger and acceptor of sacrifices. It is said that all the sacrifices made by the devotees to God Agni goes directly to the God through this messenger, Lord Agni.

He is immortal and ever young because fire re-lit every day.

Agni dev is depicted with two heads. One head symbolizes immortality and the other shows an unknown symbol of life. He has sharpened golden teeth. He also consists of seven fiery tongues. The colour of His body is red with black eyes and wild black hair. He possesses seven legs, seven arms and seven rays of light come out from His body. He mounts either on a ram or on a chariot which is pulled by goats or parrots.

He is a vital spark of life; therefore He is present in all living things. He is there in the stomach of people that helps to digest food. The stars sparkle due to His flame. He is also there in the fire of the sun, in the thunderbolt and in the smoke column which holds up the Heaven.

According to the Vishnu Purana, God Agni is the eldest son of Brahma. Svaha is the wife of Lord Agni. He is believed to be the son of Kashyapa and Aditi and sometimes said that He is the twin brother of Indra. But as per great men He has many more parents. In Hindu belief it has been described that Dawn and Night are His sisters and Kartikay, His son.

There are generally two forms of Agni Dev. These are Jaataveda and Kravyada. The difference is that Jaataveda is invoked to burn and carry the offerings except flesh to the respective Gods whereas Kravyada is invoked to burn the flesh that includes corpses and animal parts. Jaataveda acts as a divine model for the sacrificial priest. The Gods are generous whenever God Agni is pleased. In the Vedic ritual God Agni refers to the cultivated, cultured and cooked aspects.

Lord Agni is the most divine among all the sages. He is the wise director, the protector and the successful accomplish of all occasions. He also enables a man to serve God in a correct and acceptable manner. It is said in old hymns that God Agni dwells in the two pieces of wood so whenever two pieces of wood are rubbed together they produce fire.

It is believed that the people who worship Agni Dev prosper and live long. They are also wealthy. During the time of funeral He is asked to warm with His heat the immortal part of the deceased and to carry it to the world of righteous in the most auspicious form. According to Hindu belief there are seven names of Lord God Agni.

Lord Agni is considered as a mediator between God and human. He is worshipped by a large number of people either rich or poor all across India. He also responds to each of His devotees. It is necessary to use fire in proper direction.

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